Tuesday, September 21, 2010


IBIS CYCLES is a company that clearly "gets the picture" when it comes to handling their support of athletes and race teams. For Cyclocross I admire and respect IBIS CYCLES for their strong backing of Northern California riders and teams. For 2010 IBIS has put together strong support plans for National Masters Champion- 30-34 age group- Barabra Howe, and 4 time Elite Champion Don Myrah.

IBIS CYCLES was founded in 1981 by mountain bike Hall of Fame inductee, Scot Nicol, in Mendocino, CA. Today the company is controlled by Nicol, Hans Heim, Tom Morgan and Roxy Lo and is based in Santa Cruz. IBIS now offers models such as the exciting new Mojo HD, SILK SL Road Bike, and Tranny Single Speed.

The steed of choice for 2009 Master's Cyclocross Champion, Barbara Howe and 4 time Elite Men's National title holder Don Myrah, is the super trick Hakkal├╝gi Carbon Cross creation from IBIS.
IBIS also backs the Buy-Cell.com Cyclocross team. The Buy-Cell.com team is a classic example of why IBIS CYCLES would want to support any team. They have fun at the races, race hard, and show up week after week on the front line ready to do battle on the IBIS Hakkal├╝gi. This gives IBIS prime exposure for their product on a "grass roots" level and really brings their Cross bike to the public to view first hand.
IBIS CYCLES is also a strong supporter of Brian Lopes, who I have personally raced Cyclocross against, and is quite the all-around cyclist. Lopes is not just a 4Cross World Champion or one trick pony DH racer, Lopes is a "pure bred" athlete on the bike and IBIS makes sure he checks into a few Cross races each season to show off his skills and fitness. One race at the Fresno Cyclocross Series, Lopes and myself ended up in quite a tussle for victory in the 60 minute classic. However much I wanted the win, Lopes was not going to let it happen! He is "Superman" on a bike, and simply out rode me when it mattered most and the finish line was within reach.

IBIS CYCLES president Tom Morgan is proud and excited in the company's backing of Barbara Howe on her quest for another National Championship in Bend to back up her 2009 win.
"Working with Barb over the past year has been a great relationship for Ibis and we're looking forward to continuing it for the next year," said Tom Morgan, President of Ibis Cycles. "Beyond winning the national title last year, Barb is a great ambassador for Ibis and the sport.
In addition to racing and inspired by her volunteer work with the Berkeley High School mountain bike team [http://bhscycling.org/] and the National Interscholastic Cycling Association[http://nationalmtb.org/], Howe is working to establish a scholarship for a college-bound, high school cyclist.

Joining Ibis in support of Howe are American Classic (wheels)[http://amclassic.com/], Lazer Sport (helmets) [http://lazersport.com/],Blackbottoms Cyclewear (team clothing) [http://blackbottoms.com/], SRAM(drivetrains) [http://sram.com/], FMB (tires) [http://fm-boyaux.fr/],Crank Brothers [http://crankbrothers.com/], Betwixt (chamois cream)[http://whereitcounts.com/betwixt.html], and Zealios (sunscreen)[http://whereitcounts.com/zealios.html]. For the coming season, Howe will represent her own team, "Ibis and the Danger Twins".

Congratulations to IBIS CYCLES for their industry success & their commitment in supporting deserving athletes and teams who truly have a large impact in marketing the outstanding products IBIS creates.