Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Northern California Cyclocross team that has had a very large impact on this regions racing over the past few seasons has been Tim Cannard's - squad. This forward thinking group of racers has set a standard of excellence on the Single-Speed Cyclocross circuit in Nor-Cal. Time after time star rider Cesar Chavez has proved himself to be one of this region's premier Single-Speed competitors. Chavez was the Single-Speed Champion of the BASP Series in 2007 & 2008, as well as the Surf City Series & CCCX Series champion during a stellar run of results for 2009. The Buy-Cell Single-Speed men swept the top three placings of the BASP Series for 2009, with Cannard leading the way followed by Julian Villafane, then Chavez. Another rider who posted strong results in the Women's division during 2009 was Michelle Monroe. Monroe was a first year Cross racer who's talent was crystallized while being surrounded by the Buy-Cell bunch. Monroe responded by riding to the NCNCA's best all-round rider(BAR) classification in her division during the 2009 season. Another giant move by Cannard which had large ramifications on the Nor-Cal race scene was his help to motivate and support Don Myrah in his comeback to racing. The rest is history- as Myrah is back in style after a few seasons of races to find his form- and now is once again one of the USA's top Cross performers in his age group. Myrah will have his own sponsorship package from SRAM & IBIS for 2010. The team will be generously supported also from IBIS, and will be racing on the finely crafted Hakkal├╝gi Cross steed at select Nor-Cal events. Tracking and supporting up and coming racers, and challenging Cyclocross legends to return to the sport they dominated in the past, is a theme that Cannard and the team appears to keep focused on. More big news from their camp has one of Northern California's all-time great Cyclocross legends being edged back into competition with support from and IBIS.... Larry Hibbard will be back in action and making some special appearances at races near you during 2010. Hibbard is a true legend of the sport and his return to competition will be exciting to follow this season. Other figures from this team who always seem to be running hot and constantly at the front of affairs in Nor-Cal Cross are the popular Brock Dickie, the super smooth Mike Sooder, the powerfully built Mike Matthews, and the aggro riding Scott Zavack. brings even more surprises to the table for 2010 Cross by stacking the already fully stacked Nor-Cal Women's Elite division with gifted rider Jamie Busch, from Boulder Colorado- who has a past Collegiate cycling title in her resume.