Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The 2018-19 Nor-Cal and NCNCA Cyclocross Calendar is now posted here- 

The 2018 schedule of races looks 100% awesome!

The CCCX Series starts the action for Nor-Cal Cyclocross racing with events in September, starting Sept. 1. CCCX Cyclocross sets the stage for the athletes all preparing their game for the races later in the season, including District Championships & National Championships. 

Also, in September on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, is the star studded Clif Bar Reno Cross race held in Reno, NV.  
This race is a super big deal for our region for the sport of Cyclocross.  Racing in Reno on Sept. 19.

Expect an awesome show of Cross action with some of the best racers in the world taking to the start line in Reno.
This event is part of Interbike and information on this bike show can be found here- INTERBIKE 2018.

October rages hard for Cross racing right away with the 
Nor-Cal UCI special event of 
The West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix on Oct. 6 & 7.

This event is world class fun and is a extra special weekend of Cross racing in Nor-Cal.  Be ready to rock and roll full speed in Sacramento.  Thank you to Matthew Hargrove and his crew for their hard work with this Rad weekend of racing.

The Sacramento Cyclocross Series and the SuperPro races then make up the Cyclocross racing for the rest of October.
Both of these groups keep the Cross racing fun for Nor-Cal racers and the competitions are always hardcore hard.
Clint Classen always does an outstanding job with the Sacramento Cyclocross Series. And Murphy Mack keeps the fire burning bright for Bay Area Cyclocross fun and frolic. 

November has some surprises in store for Nor-Cal Cyclocross racing.  The month starts off with BASP at Coyote Point.
Coyote Point has a long history of excellent Cyclocross drama.

Then there is the 3 day Santa Rosa Cup.  Three days of Cross racing in Santa Rosa always makes for real deal challenges.
The time of year really starts to feel like classic Europe style Cross racing.  Often the temperatures are low and the ground conditions are moist, all making for pure Cyclocross goodness.

The NCNCA District Cyclcoross Championships will be November 25 at the Sonoma based CX Nation Cup.
For a long time I have wanted the NCNCA Districts to take place in the Santa Rosa/Sonoma area region of the NCNCA District.  I have worked to accomplish this for 2018 with Brian Staby of the CX Nation Cup, which is a fundraiser race for Bay Area Junior Athletes to compete further in Cyclocross.  The CX Nation Cup will certainly be a fine NCNCA District Championship event and best of class will be awarded the USA Cycling State Champion Gold Medals on the day!

December has the USA Cycling National Championships on December 11-16.

But before the National Championships is the instant Classic Cyclocross race - The Coyote Valley Cross in Morgan Hill.
This will be 2 days of racing on Dec. 8 & 9.

This event served as the NCNCA District Championships last season.  Patrick Miller and Team Fast Forward will certainly produce another amazing weekend of Cyclocross racing 
on a course that has great character and 
outstanding challenges for all.

The NCNCA is super lucky to have great races and great clubs and teams making our region #1 for top level competitions.

December Cross racing also has the ending of the 
Sacramento Series.

Then to close out the Cross racing in Nor-Cal there is the 
CCCX races in January on Jan. 13 & Jan. 20.  
Best of times to end the Cyclcross events for the NCNCA 
competing in classic peak season race conditions.

Also there will most likely be additions and subtractions to the racing calendar as time goes on. 
Such as the Fresno Homegrown Race Series and the Reno Wheelman's Sagebrush Cyclcoross Series.

So please be sure and check all outlets for information for any and all schedule changes.

Ride Safe & Have Fun!