Saturday, October 12, 2013


This interview really resonates for the local racers.  Battling on against your regular competitors each season.  Keeping the racing and riding fun.  And the fact that racing gets you fit.  Which in turn makes all your other riding extra good because you are in shape and can enjoy the feeling of the spin so much more when you are strong and the legs are turning over well well...

Ride on...!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Such an incredible past weekend of Cyclocross racing!  
Nor-Cal CX gets Cross fired up in steamy San Jose.
CCCX throws out super circuit at Toro Park.  
Sacramento Series goes big and Cross crazy in Orangevale.

Big news from Nor-Cal is the incredible run of current 
Masters World Champion Henry Kramer(Cal. Giant Inc.) to open up the 2013 season.  

World Champion Henry Kramer shadowed by Keith DeFiebre at Toro Park...

Wearing the coveted UCI World Champion jersey at each race puts a huge bulls-eye on Kramer's back each time he takes the start line on the front row.  Yet Kramer simply goes about his business of wearing the World Champion jersey proper and wins!  Kramer is undefeated for 2013 making for one of the best openings to a season in recent history of Northern California Cross racing.  Only time will tell as to whether Kramer can continue his run of success.  But recognition of this winning run is a must...

Rachael Lloyd is currently unstoppable...

Another Nor-Cal superstar who has not yet been topped regionally is a rider who I featured last week, Rachael Lloyd(DFL).  Lloyd is back on the Cross bike and thus forces all Women of Northern California to get in gear or get out of the way.  Lloyd does not show mercy when she takes to course.  Her strength, skill and speed do the talking and if your not up to par you will be left far behind.  So awesome seeing Lloyd doing what she does best, race Cyclocross!  
I hope she continues her progression and regains her world class form for Northern California Cyclocross fans to watch and admire.

Cougar's take to Cross San Jose style...

San Jose Cougar Cyclocross went great for the Nor-Cal CX Series opener.  
CX Magazine's ANDREW YEE is backing the series with his strong support and knowledgeable advice and the fantastic Cross racing will surely continue 
for all as this series progresses.  

Super Pro style zig zags on San Jose slopes...

Congratulations to super pro Murphy Mack and his cool crew for making hot San Jose just right for Super Pro Nor-Cal CX.  It was a hard & fun course and boasted elevation changes that made the affairs correct toward election of who was best of class.  
Cross racing is rad and it should be hard at times, 
so don't be shy... 
Race Cyclocross!

Cyclocross as done by Alicia Hilderbrand(Trek CxC)...

CCCX @ Toro Park showed what is best in Nor-Cal CX.  Green grass, sand sections, dips, drops, tree jumps, long straights, tight turns and some nice elevation changes.  
So much to offer at this venue... fun riding and fast racing.  
Race Cyclocross! 

AJM wins BIG again at CCCX and seems to be finding incredible form...

Orangevale was outstanding for the Sacramento Cyclocross Series.  A new location for this series, but the same old good times racing Cyclocross.  Orangevale is another fine place to race Cyclocross in Northern California.  Check out this cool Ariel Video of the Orangeville course.  Very cool location to race Cross and very cool video of the Sac. Town crew doing there thing.  

Ben Dodge(Bicycle Blue-Book-Rock Lobster) coaching services starting soon...

Brian Joder, Gene Redmon and the rest of the stellar Sac. Town Cyclocross promotion team rocks at what they do.  They produce very fine events and like all Nor-Cal CX races such as Surf City, CCCX, Super Pro, BASP, Santa Rosa Cup and Homegrown.... they keep the racing fun for all and make sure it is about good times for all... 
Race Cyclocross. & Ibis have quite the standout team for 2013- here Cesar Chavez in motion...

Next weekend is another GIANT Saturday and Sunday of Nor-Cal CX racing.
Surf City Series Opens Sunday!
Also headlining the weekend on Saturday is one of Northern California's CX's classic events 
In it's second year, this instant classic hosted by Folsom Bikes is a race that is not to be missed and guarantees a excellent course for those who Race Cyclocross!

Benjamin Gomez Villafane the future if Cyclocross...

Also on Saturday is Murphy Mack's Foothill College Cyclocross race- 
the substitute location for the Lion of Fairfax.  
This is ANDREW YEE and Murphy Mack putting a race course together... 
the end result can only be perfection Cyclocross style!

Ellen Sherill(BicycleBlueBook/HRS/Rock Lobster) takes the win at CCCX Toro Park...

Sunday for Nor-Cal CX is one of Nor-Cal's all time great Cyclocross brands...

Surf City legend, CCCX Series Legend, Nor-Cal Cross legend Justin Robinson doing his thing...

So much tradition and nostalgia the Surf City races bring to the table.
True legends of Nor-Cal Cyclocross have made their mark and claim to 
fame at the Surf City races.  

Sunday starts another chapter in the Surf City legacy.

Lastly, if you are near Truckee, the Sagebrush Cyclocross Series at the Truckee Bike Park should not be missed!   Any time you can mix a Bike Park and Cyclocross the combined equation can only produce big time fun on two wheels.
Berms, rollers and ramps of the Truckee Bike Park await the Sagebrush Cyclocross racers.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Big action ahead for NCNCA Cyclocross!

Murphy Mack's Nor-Cal CX Series takes flight this Saturday in San Jose.

Then the CCCX Series ventures to the excellent Toro Park on Sunday for what is shaping up to be a super awesome weekend of 
Northern California Cyclocross racing!

Plus Sacramento Series on Sunday at Orangevale!

The Nor-Cal CX Series bring Cross racing to San Jose's Montgomery Hill Park.  
Any park that has a hill in it's name is made for cycling!  
This is sure to be fantastic racing and a great chance to show 
San Jose how very cool Cross is!  

A few special notes from Murphy Mack on this event-
"Fried chicken and Belgian Waffles...  need I say more?"
"Due to the combination of awesome short climbs and fast, flat sections on the course, there is no correct single speed gear. Either way you go you're hosed."  

I love clean port-o-lets. We've got eight of them coming and two hand sinks. Do me a favor and close the lid when you're done 'ya damn filthy ape.

This event is sure to be fun!  
Show up to race fast and flash a smile to all who you encounter!

The CCCX Series on Sunday throws out one of the most choice courses in Nor-Cal... the fun riding route of Toro Park!

A few new sections will be added to the Toro course this season, with Park Rangers offering up some choice portions of grass that have never been used before.  

Plan on a large amount of high speed sections, mixed with technical turns and elevation gains that challenge the best.  
Overall the CCCX Toro Park course is a true Nor-Cal CX Classic!

Amy Dombroski you will be missed by all... 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


So much stupendous Cyclocross action that went off in Northern California this past weekend!

Race Cyclocross...

Let the racing begin...

Saturday's CCCX Series set the stage for the explosion of the gigantic 
Bay Area Super Prestige event on Sunday.  

Henry Kramer(Cal. Giant Inc. Specialized) undefeated in 2013...

So many stars of Nor-Cal Cyclocross hit the race tracks this past weekend.  All starting to ramp up their speed and drill their moves that make Cross such a spectator friendly sport.  

Cyclcross in the NCNCA = Good Times!

Rachael Lloyd(DFL) in action...

Awesome to see Rachel Lloyd back in the start grid and racing Cyclocross again.  
Rachael could be considered the greatest female Cyclocross racer from Nor-Cal ever!  
Lloyd raced over seas in the major leagues of Cyclocross and was a serious player in the UCI World Cup races.  Constantly being on the front of the Euro World Cup races is something no one from Nor-Cal has really accomplished for a season, yet Rachael Lloyd did this!  

Masters World Champion Karen Brems(Rambuski Law) on the top step of the podium yet again...

Karen Brems finished only 10 seconds behind Lloyd at the BASP race Sunday after 
dominating the CCCX Series race Saturday.  
Seeing Brems & Llyod going at it in the sport of Cyclocross in Nor-Cal is 
pay-per-view type of action!

Phil Roberts(Cycles FANATIC) in the moment...

Nor-Cal's best...?? 
Andy Jacques-Maynes is one of the very best Cross racers ever from Nor-Cal. This is fact...

Nor-Cal's best...?? 
Ben Jacques-Maynes is one of America's best all-round cyclists.  This is fact...

Both AJM & BJM won Elite races over the weekend.  
Having Andy Jacques-Maynes(Ibis/ and 
Ben Jacques-Maynes(Jamis CX) racing 
in Nor-Cal raises our regions level in a very big way!  
So much speed, style and skill they bring to the game.  

The CCCX Series continues to throw out some amazing courses.  
CCCX has one more race this coming Sunday October 6th at Toro Park and the route is going to be a classic with some new additions to the Toro Park front course.  
Then the CCCX Series takes a break until December 15 due to a busy 
Nor-Cal Cross racing Calendar.  
Other great Nor-Cal races will fill the weekend racing drama.
Then in December CCCX will go again when other events shy away from 
true Cyclocross weather and conditions!
Bring on rain, wind and mud please...

On your mark... get set... GO!

The Bay Area Super Prestige on Sunday was all good!  

Fantastic to see a large group of riders who have been active in the early season races 
make the awards podium at the BASP race.  
Active racing leads to fit riders with the deepest reserves.  

Such a tremendous scene the Bay Area Super Prestige races produce!  

Maddie Ortenblad(Bear Development) goes aggro at BASP...

Over the years the BASP has made some great decisions to highlight fun racing and move away from over crowded courses.  

Tanya Grossman(Los Gatos) fresh off a successful Road season and back on the bike for Cross...

Tom & Alec Simpson are such great guys, and they work hard on trying to host big epic 
Cross races with a family & friends atmosphere.  

Fashionable and smooth in action, Tom Simpson let's the Women Elite racers know they rock...

This goal is slowly being accomplished.  
The super great Nor-Cal race crowd is learning the best part of Cyclocross 
quite possibly just might be keeping the racing fun & fast!

Ride On!

David Allen(Mikes Bikes) a true bike racer...

The "Beach" section at Saturday's CCCX race made for good television...

Alan Coats(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) is back in the ring for 2013 Cyclocross...

Specialized Bikes does Cyclocross in Nor-Cal and beyond- Sean Estes going lefty style...

Emily Kachorek((#GhetoMoto) is one of the NCNCA's fastest Elite Women racers...

3 to go- days... until the next weekend of racing!  
Murphy Mack's Nor-Cal CX Series in San Jose on Saturday and 
CCCX Series at Toro Park on Sunday...