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Monday, December 20, 2010


Rain, Mud, & Wind Rule The Racing During Incredible Weekend Of Cyclocross For NCNCA Athletes.

2010 is year to remember for winter storms playing havoc on courses and competitors in Nor-Cal, and this past weekend topped the charts for action.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Rosa Series - Sacramento Series - Central Coast Series

Racing Resumes In Nor-Cal This Weekend

This will be a weekend ideally made for Cyclocross racing.  Rain always brings out the best in Nor-Cal courses, and Saturday & Sunday will be prime time for Cyclocross.

Have Fun!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


The current edition of the  NCNCA CYCLOCROSS PHOTO PAGE features work from Ted Ketai.

Please view the  NCNCA CYCLOCROSS PHOTO PAGE to see the very best Cyclocross shots from Ketai.

By far some of the best images are captured at races where the weather has been foul, and water and mud become part of the make-up of the racer.

This weekend the NCNCA Cyclocross events will be a prime opportunity to race in adverse conditions.

 Thus guaranteeing some more great photos will be produced of the die-hard Cross racers who will take to course during winter storm weather this Saturday & Sunday.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Racing Resumes In Nor-Cal This Weekend

Looked like some fun racing Nor-Cal style at Aptos High School!

Monkey Cross in Santa Rosa will take place at Galvin Park.  There is sure to be some challenging and extra fun conditions as real Cross racing begins this weekend with rain and heavy downpour in the forecast.

Sacramento Cross will be held at Lange Twins Winery.  This course is a classic route, and the more rain that hits leading up to race day, will only make the competition more legendary!

Sunday's CCCX race will go off in Ft. Ord.  This area of the former Army Base is known for fast racing and challenging courses.  The hard-packed & sandy trails suck up the water when it rains making for great riding in the worst possible conditions.

And conditions could be epic this weekend as rain is sure to play a major role in the racing for NCNCA racers.

Get out there and race! 

Monday, December 13, 2010


Justin Robinson(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) & Bjorn Fox(Clif Bar Development Cross Team) Close Out Medal Haul For NCNCA Racers At Nationals.

Bjorn Fox skillfully continued the NCNCA tradition of outstanding Junior racers at Cross Nationals.  This season the years of constant racing and dedication to his chosen trade of cycling payed off in big dividends for the Incline Village resident.  Fox raced at the highest level of any Nor-Cal Junior Cyclocross racer in 2010.  At Nationals Fox battled his way to the Silver medal in the Junior 17-18 division.  The NCNCA is tremendously proud of Bjorn Fox and commends him for his pursuit of speed on the bicycle.
Congratulations Bjorn!

Justin Robinson is a big game player!  When the stakes are the highest, Robinson rises to the occasion and shows his amazing talent to succeed on the largest stage for American Cyclocross racing- USA Nationals.

Robinson put another stamp on his brilliant career at Masters Nationals by earning the Bronze medal in the Men's 35-39 division.  Robinson's Cyclocross legacy may be he is simply Northern California's best ever Masters Cross racer.  His results over the past 5 years at the
USA Cycling Cross Championships are unparalleled.
Congratulations Justin on another Medal at Nationals!

Nor-Cal's best Cross racer ever........
Don Myrah!
His past results do all the talking to back up this subject, and
Myrah(Buy was again one of the major stars at the 2010 USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships.
Myrah was Golden in Bend!

Thrill of Victory!

Devon Haskel(Bike Station Aptos) had a dream day in Bend, claiming the Gold medal in the Masters Women 30-34 division.  Haskel is a great athlete who is never afraid of a challenge, and in Bend she answered all challenges on her way to Gold.  Haskel, along with Kathy Pruitt(Family Cycling Center), and Linda Elgart(Webcor/Alto Velo), gained highest honors at Nationals, and demonstrated that the Women of Nor-Cal take their Cyclocross very seriously.

Barbara Howe(Ibis And The Danger Twins) shows a little emotion the moment she crosses the finish line and earns the Silver medal in the Masters Women 35-39 division.

Howe backed that Silver medal ride in the Master race with a very strong 8th place finish in the Elite Women's race at Nationals.  There were nearly 100 competitors in the Elite Women's field, and Barbara Howe was Nor-Cal's top Elite finisher, either Men or Women.

Kerry Barnholt(Scott/Ritchey) has been the leading lady in Northern California Cyclocross for 2010.  Barnholt won the Bay Area Super Prestige the week before Nationals, along with races in every other Nor-Cal Series she contested during the year.  Barnholt won Bronze in the Women's 35-39 division and was a solid 12th overall in the Women's Elite race at Nationals. 

Linda Elgart was pure focus on her way to Gold in the Women's 55-59 division.  Elgart is a multi-time National Champion is different cycling disciplines, and for 2010 she is the USA's best in Cyclocross for her age group.

Towering figure!
Devon Haskel is a happy camper in her Stars & Stripes winners jersey at Cross Nationals.  Joining Haskel on the podium was Emily Thurston(Missing Link-3rd Rail), who finished 4th in this group.

Howe & Barnholt cosy up to Masters 35-39 champion Nicole Duke(Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team) of Boulder Colorado.  Both Howe and Barnholt earned Gold medals at the 2009 National Cyclocross Championships.  In 2010 they both bring back hardware again to Northern California from the Northwest!

Two For Nor-Cal.
Kathy Pruitt -Champion & Stella Carey(Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster)- Silver medal, Women's Single Speed podium.

Don Myrah- Champion, and Alan Coats(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized)- 4th, Men's 45-49 podium.

Were gonna claim him!
Ned Overend seemingly lives in Northern California now.  Overend has been racing all of 2010 in Nor-Cal, and he shared his National Championship win with two other Masters 50-55 NCNCA athletes.  Joining Overend on the podium are Silver medalist Norm Kreiss(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized), and Mill Valley's George Smith(Webcor/Alto Velo)- 5th.

A proud Justin Robinson glowing on the podium with yet another Masters National Championship medal.

Other NCNCA races to finish in the top 10 at Cross Nationals over the final two days of competition were-

Coody Kaiser- Cal. Giant Inc.- U23- 6th Place

Josh Snead- Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster- Masters 30-34- 6th Place

Brett Lambert- Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster- Masters 50-55- 7th Place

Jeremy Ferguson- Cal. Giant Inc.- U23- 7th Place

Alex Howard- Above Category Racing- Junior 17-18- 7th Place

Tobin Ortenblad- Spokesman- Junior 17-18- 8th Place

Lauren Catlin- Fairfax, Fort Lewis College- 8th Place

Brue Syvertsen- Murder- Masters 30-34- 9th Place

Robert Meighan- Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized)- Masters 50-55- 10th Place

Friday, December 10, 2010


NCNCA Cyclocross Racers Continue Purge Of Medals At USA Nationals Day 3.

Course Conditions Are Epic As Nor-Cal Shows Nation Who Is Boss In Cross.

Don Myrah(Buy ripped off one of the best rides of Nationals 2010 earning Gold in the Masters Men 45-49 division.  Myrah won solo with over a one minute advantage on second place in this age group.  There were over 100 riders in the field and Myrah was top of class by far!  Last season Myrah could only muster the Silver medal in his comeback to Cross racing at Nationals.  A past Elite Cyclocross Champion, Myrah's performance this year in Bend was solid Gold.
Congratulations Don!

Devon Haskell(Bike Station Aptos) has been one of the leading ladies in Nor-Cal Cross for 2010.  Haskel is now National Champion in the Masters 30-34 age group.  Haskel put together a amazing performance in super difficult conditions on her way to the Gold Medal.  Her race was competitive all the way to the line, and the thrilling last lap was legendary.  Haskel earned Gold by a mere 10 seconds on the line in one of the more hard fought
races on the day.  This is the second year in a row that NCNCA region racers have won this division.
Congratulations Devon!

Barbara Howe(Ibis And The Danger Twins) claimed the Silver Medal today in the Masters Women 35-39 division.  Howe was on her game in the treacherous conditions and had a serious shot at Gold in her race.  Howe earned Gold in 2009, and this year she was a scant 18 seconds away from this mark.  Howe is one of Nor-Cal's finest Women Cross racers ever, and her ride in Bend proved this point again.
Congratulations Barbara!

Kerry Barnholt(Scott/Ritchey) was the Bronze medalist in the Masters Women's 35-39 division.  This field was stacked with talent and NCNCA racers claimed the Silver(Howe) and Bronze(Barnholt) medals from this group!  Barnholt was the reigning National Champion in this field, and knew she would be marked and watched closely by the rest.  Barnholt is a world class athlete and the NCNCA is so proud of her outstanding season of Cross racing, which she capped off by bringing home the Bronze Medal at Nationals.
Congratulations Kerry!

Also earning National Championship Medals Today In Bend Oregon from the NCNCA Region Were...

Karch Miller(Davis Bike Club) in the Junior 13-14 age group- Silver!
Spence Peterson from Mill Valley in the Junior 15-16 age group- Bronze!


Past national Cyclocross Champion Alan Coats(Cal Giant Inc.) had a super strong ride in the Masters Men 45-49 race.  Coats was in a dog fight for the Bronze medal in a field of over 100 riders.  In the end Coats was only 16 seconds off the Bronze.  The NCNCA is very proud of Alan's ride, and making 4th overall in his division.

 Emily Thurston(Missing Link-3rd Rail) has had a break out season for Cyclocross racing in 2010.  Thurston has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with in Cross.  Her race at Nationals was possibly the most exciting of the day.  Thurston was in a close battle for the Bronze Medal.   The racing was back and forth as it broke down to a two-up test for Bronze.  Thurston and a racer from Somerville, MA were locked in a dual that came right down to the line.  In the end Thurston missed the Bronze medal by 4 seconds.  Thurston's podium appearance showed her incredible season was for real.  Congratulations Emily on your Cyclocross accomplishments!


Folsom Cyclocross & Surf City Series On Tap For NCNCA Cyclocross This Weekend.  Please Click On Each Event For Information And Schedules.




John & Linda Elgart(Webcor/Alto Velo) can now claim ownership of Bend, Oregon.  Each won the precious Gold Medal on day two of competition.  The Elgart's once again make history, and show their amazing class on a bicycle riding to double Gold!

Congratulations John & Linda on your National Championship rides, the NCNCA is extremely proud of you both!

Kathy Pruitt(Family Cycling Center) proves her talent by claiming the Gold Medal in the Women's Open Single Speed division.  Another incredible accomplishment from one of Nor-Cal's best ever female cyclists!
Congratulations Kathy on your incredible day in Bend and winning the National Cyclocross Championship- Single Speed division!

Cal Giant Inc.'s Cyclocross duo, husband/wife tandem Norm Kreiss and Gina Hall both take home Silver Medals back to Nor-Cal.  What a outstanding day for Norm & Gina, as these two Cyclocross athletes produced tremendous rides in earning Silver Medals at Nationals.

Gina Hall brings the race to the line for the Gold in the Masters Women's 40-44 division, losing only by two seconds in the end.  Hall was National Champion in 2009, and in 2010 she had one of the most thrilling finishes of the day in claiming the Silver Medal.
Congratulations Gina!

Norm Kreiss was not going to be denied from a medal at Nationals.  Kreiss was on a mission, and it was his focus and fight that propelled the hard charging Cal Giant Inc. rider to the Silver Medal.  Only World MTB Champion & cycling legend Ned Overend was able to top Norm today in Bend. 
Congratulations Norm!

Stella Carey(Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster) had one of the most incredible days at Nationals ever.  Carey showed her amazing talent and ability in Cyclocross by making two podium appearances today!  Carey claimed the Silver Medal in the Women's Open Single Speed division, giving the NCNCA region a 1-2 finish in this field, with Pruitt getting Gold.  Earlier in the day Carey put together a outstanding ride in the Masters Women 40-44 division earning the final podium spot of 5th place overall.  There were almost 50 Masters Women lined up at the start of that group.  What a amazing day for Stella Carey and the NCNCA is so proud of her Silver Medal ride & double podium day!
Congratulations Stella!

Aaron Bradford(Family Cycling Center) snatched the Bronze medal in the hotly contest Men's Open Single Speed class.  Bradford is a past MTB Super D National Champion, and in Bend he added another National Championship medal to his growing collection.  Bradford has focused the majority of his season toward success in Cyclocross and the Bronze medal at Nationals certainly makes all his hard work and dedication to the sport worthwhile.

With Bradford's Bronze medal, and Pruitt's Gold, and Carey's Silver, NCNCA racers hoarded half of the Single Speed Championship medals at Nationals.  There were 6 medals up for grabs and Nor-Cal now owns 3 of those!

Legendary Cross racers, and inspirational Masters competitors Ron Riley(Bike Station Aptos) of Aptos, and Mike Macdonald(BEER) of Sacramento, each earned National Championship medals today in Bend.  Both of these racers are a credit to Northern California in proving that cycling is a sport for life, and competition is endless as long as you dream big.  Riley earned the Silver medal in the Masters Men 75-79 division, and Macdonald earned the Bronze medal in the 70-74 division.  These rides are fantastic and the NCNCA is super proud of both results!

 Congratulations Mike!

And Congratulations Ron!

Team Rambuski Law's Karen Brems also made a podium appearance in the Masters Women's 45-49 division.  Brems was a National medalist in Cyclocross last year, and she backed that result up with 5th place today.  Brems was in a very exciting dual for the Bronze medal, and finished a mere 10 seconds away from 3rd place and the Bronze medal in her group.
Congratulations Karen!

George Smith(Webcor/Alto Velo) also put in a stellar ride today in the snow and slush of Bend.  Smith finished 5th overall & made podium in the Masters men 55-59 division.
Congratulations George!

George is out there some where....

Harry Williamson(Fightin' Bobas) of Healdsberg also represented on the podium today in Bend.  The fast riding Williamson was 5th overall in the Masters Men 65-69 division.
Congratulations Harry!

Also, a big congratulations goes out to all the NCNCA racers who competed today.  It was a fantastic performance by all!

Special mention for the other riders who placed top 10 in their class today...

Scott Chapin- Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster- Men's Single Speed

Haley Juno-Galdes - Webcor/Aloto Velo- Women's Single Speed

Jeff Townsend- Plus 3- Masters Men 55-59

Helene Drumm- Peanut Butter & Co.- Masters Women 40-44

Julie Bates- Team Roaring Mouse- Masters Women 50-54

Katrina Baumsteiger- Team Rambuski Law- Masters Women 45-49

I can only imagine that the tremendous riding from the NCNCA racers on Thursday will only motivate the rest of Nor-Cal's best Cross athletes for Friday!