Wednesday, November 30, 2011


2011 NCNCA/USA Cycling
Cyclocross State Championships This Sunday.

Please note that the entire CCCX Series schedule remains the same for this Sunday, however only the groups listed below will be competing for the
NCNCA California State Championship of Cyclocross.

USA Cycling State Championship categories for
Men, Women, & Juniors will be the following groups. 
Elite Women, Single Speed Women,
Junior Women 18 & under, Masters Women 35+,
 Masters Women 45+, Masters Women 55+,
Elite Men, Single Speed "A" Men, Junior Men 10-14, Junior Men 15-18, Masters Men 35+ "A", Masters Men 45+ "A",
Masters Men 55+, Masters Men 65+.

That is 13 divisions battling it out for the coveted California State Champion winners jersey.  Which for the first time in NCNCA history is being awarded to the champions at no charge to the rider. 
Thank you to the NCNCA for this gesture to reward Nor-Cal Cyclocross!
Also the 2011 District Championship race will have a
Women's Single Speed division for the first time ever.

History will be made at the Central Coast Cyclocross race
this Sunday at Toro Park, the NCNCA Cross State Championships!

Reigning USA Cycling Cyclocross National Champions in their respective
 Masters divisions John & Linda Elgart(Webcor/Alto Velo)- both pictured below- will not be in attendance at Toro Park due to prior commitments, which makes the 65+ Men's & 55+ Women's fields wide open for the NCNCA State title for Cyclocross. 

Masters racing at the Nor-Cal/Nevada State Championships are always off the hook.  Defending champion in the 35+ Men's field is Don Myrah(

Please note that the Women's Single Speed NCNCA State Championship race will take place in the final start wave of the day at around 1:30 p.m.  The Women's Elite and Masters races take place
at 12:30 p.m.  The Men's Elite race and the Men's & Women's Single Speed "A" races will take place following the main event Women's competitions.

 Gannon Myall(California Berry Farms/Specialized) has been on a mission during the 2011 Cross season, and is a favored rider to claim high honors in the Men's 45+ division.

 Defending Men's 45+ Masters District Champion John Mundelius(California Berry Farms/Specialized) is keen to repeat his 2010 State Championship performance.

 One of the best Masters racers ever from Nor-Cal is
Alan Coats(California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized).  Coats will be eager to have a strong ride at Toro Park as his Cyclocross career began years ago at the CCCX races
when he was a resident of the Monterey Peninsula.

 Henry Kramer(California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) is a strong
favorite in the Men's 55+ division,. 
However defending 55+ NCNCA State Champion
Norm Kreiss(California Berry Farms/Specialized)
will certainly be ready for a fight in this talented Masters age group.

Here is a list of the 2010 NCNCA/USA Cycling District Cyclocross Champions

Elite Women- Katerina Nash
Elite Men- Alex Candelario
U18 Women- Maddie Ortenblad
17-18 Men- Bjorn Fox
15-16 Men- Spence Peterson
35+ Women- Heather Langendorfer
45+ Women- Yvonne Warbroehl
55+ Women- Jenny Frayer
35+ Men- Don Myrah
45+ Men- John Mundelius
55+ Men- Norm Kreiss
Singlespeed- Tim Cannard

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Northern California Cyclocross really is very special in it's own unique way!

Thanks to Hans Kellner.

Monday, November 28, 2011



Huge weekend of racing concludes with the Santa Rosa Cup & the Bay Area Super Prestige event posting outstanding action & tremendous competition in all divisions of racing for what has become a legendary season for Nor-Cal Cyclocross.  NCNCA District titles are up for grabs next Sunday...

Congratulations to the Elite Division winners at
BASP Golden Gate Park, Aaron Bradford(Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster) &
Karen Brems(Team Rambusi Law). 

Both Bradford and Brems have had stellar Cross race seasons for 2011 and are favored for the State Championships this coming weekend.  However each rider will  possibly face the steepest competition for the coveted California State Champions jersey from their team mates Scott Chapin & Devon Gory,
as well as a host of other Northern California fast Men & Women
Nor-Cal Cyclocross keeps
getting better and better as the season rolls on...

Friday, November 25, 2011



This Sunday Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is back in action for Cyclocross racing with Tom & Alec Simpson's Bay Area Super Prestige Race! 

This is sure to be some amazing racing as recent rain will have the trails of Golden Gate Park in prime condition for Nor-Cal Cross racers eager for
some true "Winter Style" Cyclocross where the ground is moist and traction can range from perfect to slick at any moment.

Also on Saturday Santa Rosa will be hosting race #1 of the Santa Rosa Cup at Place To Play City Park.

Brain Staby & Carlos Perez have teamed up to treat riders to the great Cyclocross racing that Santa Rosa brings to the table.  The city of Santa Rosa has set the standard very high for Cyclocross racing in it's community.  Many of the city parks have hosted Cyclocross races over the years, even in the worst conditions possible such as heavy rain and high winds. 
Yet the city is fully behind the great fun Cyclocross racing
provides to it's residents and tourists alike. 
The Santa Rosa Cup also hosts its next race on
December 18 at Spring Lake Regional Park.

Thursday, November 24, 2011



Aaron Bradford and Justin Robinson demonstrate
their skills in slow motion freeze frame.
 Bradford & Robinson are two of the best bike handlers in the NCNCA region.

Relaxation, concentration, and commitment are keys to bike handling maneuvers where skill and dare equate to speed advantages on course...

Past Masters USA Cycling National Champion Alan Coats uses his aerial maneuver talents to soar over a downed tree and actually gain speed in this section due to hopping and pump track techniques..

Stybar on his way to the World Cyclocross Championship fully committed over the boards...

Nys on his way to the Silver Medal at the same World Championship race, also fully committed to riding over the boards...

Todd Wells is one of the most accomplished bike handlers in America.  Here he takes a sideways entrance into the board section to give himself more room to keep speed and complete his aerial maneuver.

Wells also knows that if things do not go correct the outcome could really slow down your progress during the race...

I like Bart Wellens Cross move over the boards when it gets really muddy.  He makes sure he keeps his speed high, and gets ample clearance when lifting his bike over the boards...

Sven Nys is with out a doubt one of the greatest Cyclocross racers ever.  His Cross moves are smooth and proficient.   Yet even Nys can have his faults, as seen below.  I like the way the crowd gives him a tissue after picking up his bike and sending him on his way...

High speed dismounts require constant practice to make the
 move perfect when applied in race moments. 
However, super high speed dismounts simply require a video camera and a good group of spectators to add sound effects when the dismount goes bad...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Another congratulations to those responsible for all the Single Speed activities that so many people enjoyed...
Murphy Mack, Sheila Moon, Paule Bates, Emily McLanahan,
Julie Bates, Dennis McGovern, Meredith Obendorfer,
Carlos Perez, & Lauren Haughey.

One note on Single Speed racing- For the first time ever the 2011 NCNCA USA Cycling District/California State Championships to be held December 4th at Toro Park will have a Women's Single Speed division! 
Over 10 years ago when the CCCX Series hosted the NCNCA District Championship they added the Single Speed division to the championship brackets.  In the past it was never recognised as a Championship division. 
This category has obviously became very popular over the years.   So for 2011 it is time the Women Single Speed racers have a chance for their own NCNCA USA Cycling Single Speed California State Championship. 

Aerial video of S.S. World's...

The 2011 Cyclocross Single Speed Women's World Champion-
 Julie Krasniak

Men's Elite podium-
Cody Kaiser, Gannon Myall, Keith Hillier, Matt Obregon, Collin Samaan.

Men's 45+ "A" podium-
Keith DeFiebre, Norm Kreiss, Tim Watson.

Monday, November 21, 2011


  Congratulations to the Rapha Focus duo Chris Jones and Julie Krasniak who dominated all comers and made claim to King & Queen of the 2011 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships held at beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco!

Mother nature played a leading role in the action with cold rain and muddy ground staring in what was truly one of the most epic events ever for
Northern California Cyclocross. 
This was equal part crazy party & un-offical
Cyclocross World Championship race. 
In the end making up one whole day of out of control antics and
fun for Nor-Cal Cross racers. 
 For those who were in attendance, this will be remembered and
embraced for a long, long time!

San Francisco showed its true colors on this day, and the rain & mud only
made it more epic!

The costume race was world class!  Full photo coverage can be found here.

If a picture is worth one-thousand words, then the stories that come off from the photos of Golden Gate Park Cyclocross will spill out novel after novel of triumph and spectacle from one amazing day of
Single Speed frolic in San Francisco...

I am sure complete results will be coming soon...

Golden Gate Park hosts round 2 of Cyclocross in the City next Sunday with the Bay Area Super Prestige race.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Single Speed World Championships

The Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships fire into action this weekend at Golden Gate Park.

Single Speed Cross racing takes center stage in Nor-Cal this weekend...

The 2010 Single Speed Cyclocross World Champions share
the podium in the photo below.
You win the Single Speed World Crown and your in for some serious fun...

The Single Speed World's are very popular as you can see from the photo below at a previous S.S. World Championship.  Golden Gate park will be raging!...

Expect to see many scenes such as the one below this weekend in Golden Gate park, only more hardcore!
after all it is San Francisco...

Part of the tradition for winning the Single Speed World Championship is getting a tattoo inscribing tribute to your victory on your body forever. 
Want to see one up close?
Just ask Nor-Cal Cross legend Stella Carey,
a past World S.S. Champion to show you her's.
Below past champion Adam Craig shows off his fine artwork for
 being Single Speed king...

I expect to see tremendous rides from the on form Northern California racers who will be in search of the coveted World Champion Single Speed crown.
Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster racers and Stella Carey & Aaron Bradford have both tasted huge success in the Single Speed racing realm, and I hoping that those two, as well as other Nor-Cal fast Women & Men play leading roles in the action that is sure to be super crazy in San Francisco.
I would like to personally congratulate all the folks behind the scenes in bringing this un-offical Cyclocross World Championship race to Nor-Cal!

Tom & Alec Simpson's Bay Area Super Prestige night race gets some awesome aerial view coverage thanks to Go Pro. 
Helicopter camera's are so cool, and a night race is extra special to watch from the air...!

Please remember that the NCNCA/USA Cycling State Championships will take place on December 4th at Toro park, near Salinas. 
The NCNCA will be awarding all State Championship winners jersey's
that same day at no cost to the riders as a extra bonus to the
Cyclocross community of Northern California. 
The NCNCA is proud to provide & award California State Champions jersey's to the best and most dedicated Cross racing region of America!  This event takes place one month before USA Cycling National Championships and is guaranteed to be one of the most competitive races of the Nor-Cal Cross season!

Next weekend is the Bay Area Super Prestige race at the ever popular Golden Gate Park course.  I can not wait to see the Go Pro helicopter get some race footage while dodging the beautiful trees that line the Golden Gate park Cyclocross course. 

Also next weekend is race #1 of the Santa Rosa Cup.

This Saturday is race #6 of the Sacramento Series taking place at Howard Park in Ione. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This week's video feature is GVA Trofee - Ronse, a thriller of a Cross duel that came down to Kevin Pauwels (Bel) Sunweb-Revor & Zdenek Stybar (Cze) Quickstep Cycling Team battling it out for the win.
 Pauwels prevails by taking the initiative when it mattered most.

The course was quite the bombing race route with big hills,
two steep run ups- one that only
Bart Aernouts (Bel) Rabo - Giant Offroad Team 
was able to ride once- see video,
and some amazing downhill sections that required
serious bike handling at speeds.
This video makes for great viewing, just give yourself 1 hour to enjoy all the action as it goes down real time...

Check out the huge crowds lining the course.  The Belgium fans never disappoint in supporting the worlds fastest Cyclocross racers.  They really respect and admire the fantastically talented riders on course.  The dedicated fans show respect to the riders and do not try and interfere with the action, for the most part.  After all, the real professionals of Cyclocross will not tolerate fans acting a fool.  Just ask Bart Wellens or Richard Groendahl.  Both of those riders have had issues with fan interference and fans acting wrong toward riders and they simply took matters into their own hands...


Karen Brems - 1st Elite Women

Congratulations Bay Area Super Prestige Division Winners At Sierra Point!

Elite Men- Aaron Bradford- Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster
Elite Women- Karen Brems- Team Rambuski Law
Masters Man 35+ A- Alan Coats- California Giant Berry Farms
Masters Men 45+ A- Tim Lydon- SJBC
Masters Men 55+ Norm Kreiss- California Giant Berry Farms
Single Speed A- Kurt Wolfgang- Squadra Overfest
Masters Women 35+- Shari Kain- Kain Performance
Women's B- Leah Plack- Chica Sexy
Men B- Jonathon Krier- Third Pillar
Masters Men 45+ B- Matthew Gregory- FunSports Bike Team
Masters Men 35+ B- Justin Bucktrout
Single Speed B- Angus Nesbitt- Hup United
Men 35+ C- Ron Stade-
Junior 15-18- Jovanni Stefani- Sprocket Rocket
Junior 10-14- Robert Terra- DJ's
Junior Women- Cara Woods- Terria Linda
Women C- Sarah Powers
Men C- Kurt Martin- Team Roaring Mouse

Aaron Bradford- 1st Elite Men

Alan Coats- 1st Masters Men 35+ A

Sarah Bamberger- 2nd Elite Women

 Tim Lydon- 1st Masters Men 45+ A

Kathleen Hannon- 4th Elite Women

Kelly Chang- 11th Elite Women

Eric Wohlberg- 7th Elite Men

 Brue Syvertsen- 15th Elite Men

Anastasio Flores- 5th Elite Men