Tuesday, August 13, 2013


John Suzuki passed this video on...
This is really good!  
So many familiar faces from 1999.  I vividly remember so much about this event!  The video starts by showing a good friend, and a very young Richard Fries who did the announcing... Richard now announces the UCI World Cup Cyclocross races.  

I like when Daniele Pontoni gets shoulder checked in Boston by Tim Johnson then gets pissed and goes on the attack!  

Seeing Steve Larson racing is sweet!  I won the Pro DH & Dual Slalom one year at the Oakridge Fat Tire Festival in Oregon.  Larson was from Oregon and won the Pro XC race there, and he was very nice to me at the awards ceremony where we both got our cash for winning the Pro races.  So sad he has passed away, or I am sure he would still be drilling it at Cross races, and probably win a Masters Cross National Championship.  

There are a number of Nor-Cal Women and Men stars of Cross from 1999 in this video.  I was on the Voodoo Cycles National Team as a DH racer, and Voodoo's top Cross star was Mark Gullickson who won the 1999 National Championship for Cyclocross!  Gullickson was one strong dude back then... Voodoo Cycles will always be one of my favorite sponsors, and brings back many memories for sure! 

There is Justin Robinson and Damon Kluck making an appearance for the Real Wheels/Voodoo CyclocrossTeam.  Robinson finished 3rd that year in the Super Cup overall standings.  Robinson is such a star, and is still killing it in Nor-Cal's regional races in the Masters & Elite divisions.

And Nor-Cal's Carmen D'Aluisio and National Cross Champion Shari Kain.  Carmen & Shari really set the bar so high for the Women Cyclocross racers of Northern California, and those two ladies very much put Nor-Cal on the National stage for Cyclocross.   

Hat's off to the Nor-Cal Cross fans!  They lined the course at the Presidio and seemed to be the largest fan base of all the Super Cup races shown.  

This video will really bring back some serious memories of days gone by for many of our regional Cross racers.  

So many of today's local Cross players took part in this race, it makes for super good viewing and will bring back thoughts of some great times back in the day from Nor-Cal Cross past....    

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The 2013 Nor-Cal Cyclocross season is oh so near...

 I have spent countless hours trying to get all 
Nor-Cal & NCNCA Cross Calenders updated and complete.
Thank you to all the promoters who have reached out to me and been very cooperative in bringing the very best Cyclocross action to this region.
Most of the dates have been logged, yet there will of course be 
additions and subtractions to the calendars.
So please always remember to check each race website the week of each & every Cross event.
Just to make sure it is game on with courses set in the proper locations.
2013 looks to be the best year ever for pure Cross racing thrills and fun 
in Nor-Cal.  
Ride on!

 Below are two calendar versions of all the races in store for us lucky Cross competitors ...

I very much wanted to give out a huge congratulations to those riders who topped off the end of last year with super outstanding rides at the USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships, and the UCI Masters World Cyclocross Championships.  There will be some special jerseys that our best racers will be styling this coming season, such as Don Myrah, Henry Kramer, and Karen Brems who will be sporting the coveted rainbow colored stripes of a World Champion distinction.

Set for Nor-Cal is a awesome schedule, and like I mentioned, there will be additions and subtractions to what you see now on the calendars.  There is guaranteed to be stellar racing in the Nor-Cal region.  The true Cross crazed athletes will be bonus-ed out with fantastic competitions thanks to the dedicated organizers who do the hard work so people can play and compete.



The season kicks off with racing in September with the Folsom Cyclebration event taking the first pedal stroke for Cyclocross 2013.

The Central Coast Cyclocross Series has their early season races lined up in 
September & October.  Early season Nor-Cal Cross is fast, fun and fresh.
This prepares our regions very best racers to be ready for full fight come racing in
October, November, December and beyond...
The CCCX Series gets support from the most serious racers who want to test themselves against their peers on courses that favor close-technical racing and fun thrills on the Cross Bike.  
Plus the low-key enviroment of the CCCX races are a prefect atmosphere for newbies 
to give Cyclcoross a first attempt.  Don't be shy... get out there and race!
CCCX keeps it fun and fast, so enjoy the ride.

The BASP Cyclocross races are the big show in the Northern California region.  These events have morphed into spectacular Cyclocross events.  Tom & Alec Simpson go full tilt to produce Cyclocross to the masses.  Expect huge fileds and great times.  The Bay Area Super Prestige races are some of the best quality events in all of America!  Do not forget that these events are huge... Pre-Reg is a must in most cases and there is often elbow to elbow racing throughout the day.  Show up to race hard and enjoy some of the finest Cross in the USA.
BASP takes Nor-Cal Cross to another level!

Murhpy Mac has stepped up and will be hosting his "Super Pro" branned  NORCAL CX Series.  These events are frisky fresh and have a feline theme overall.  
This too cool for school series will use some of Nor-Cal's already established events.  Such as the Lion of Flanders, plus new "big cat/kitty cat" named brand races like the Stafford Lake Wildcat Cyclocross race & the Kitten of Vallejo Cyclocross race.  
There will be a combination of new and old venues for the NorCal Series.  
This is a sharp jolt of electricity to the NCNCA region of Cross racing.  
Bring it on!

Mary Perez and her beautiful Ciclista Bonita crew will be hosting the Surf City Series for 2013.  The Surf City Series has some of the deepest traditions and history for Cyclocross racing in the USA.  Champions from days gone by have shone skill and form on the pages of the Surf City history books.  Recent tradition has been one of the very best dates on the Nor-Cal calendar, the Surf City Halloween Cross extravaganza.  Surf City can be considered one of the most basic definitions of Northern California Cyclocross racing.  Simply great!
Awesome Cyclocross for all...

The Sacramento Series keeps on improving year after year and brings ultimate Cross to the State  Capitol area.  The Sac. Town courses are shaped with great care, and the days proceedings roll along with a fun filled theme for all to enjoy.  Brian Joder and his BicyclingEvents.com staff are dedicated to delivering great bike racing.  This transcends in the Cyclocross events they produce.  All care and expertise is shaped into a race day that is first class.  The Sacramento Series has also produced some great racers that venture to events like the CCCX, SURF CITY and BASP  then proceeding to shocking the established protocol of finish order.  
Great races produce great racers!  
This is why all of Nor-Cal Cyclocross simply rocks!  

Brian Staby & Carlos Perez bring the Cyclocross goods to the Santa Rosa Cup.
The farther you venture North, the more epic the Cyclocross racing can become.
The Santa Rosa Cup boasts super solid Cross action that can become very memorable and photo spectacular if conditions are prime.  BikeMonkey is serious when it comes to delivering fast racing and sharp edged Cross.  There is no pretending once the start whistle blows, so be ready to roll in the big ring cause BikeMonkey means business.  Nor-Cal Cyclocross is so much fun, and we are all so lucky to have so many great races such as the ones of the Santa Rosa Cup!

Fresno's Homegrown Series are events you need to take part in!  This series has evolved into some tremendous Cyclocross action.  Woodward Park courses challenge racers who like speed, and fans who love to heckle and keep it fun!  The Homegrown Series also features one of the best true Night Cyclocross races in California.  Lights on the bike or helmet are mandatory for the "Lou Fest" Night Cross Race.  This can only mean some of the very best "night time" Cross action of the season for Nor-Cal racers who dare to compete.
I highly recommend all the Cross races throughout Nor-Cal.  
It is all so good... and the Homegrown Series simply compliments our region with terrific Cyclocross racing in the Central Valley.

I hope to get all events on the Nor-Cal calendar updated asap.
The Peak Season races always go with the CCCX late season races 
to close out Cyclocross for Nor-Cal as December becomes January.
So I do hope David Gill and the Peak Season events finish up what is going to be an incredible non-stop Cyclocross season ahead.

Always remember to keep it fun.
And give a huge "thank you" to the promoters and organizers behind 
the scenes who step up & work so hard to produce the events we all take part in.  
 Nor-Cal Cyclocross rocks.
Ride on..!

Friday, August 2, 2013

2013 Calendar Coming

The 2013 Nor-Cal Cyclocross Calendar should be live at the end of this week.
Get ready to rumble....
It is almost time!