Monday, September 27, 2010


Paul Doran is a true specialist when it comes to photographing cycle races in Northern California.
Doran makes a habit out of capturing the "Money Shot" when he makes appearances at Nor-Cal Cycling events.
Best of all Paul Doran shares his work with riders and teams to fill their portfolio's or just pass on a very cool shot to friends or family...
This week it is Paul Doran who's work is featured
NCNCA racers are very fortunate to have photographers who capture the emotion and energy that cycling brings out in the athletes.  Cyclocross is by far the most dramatic discipline to film and Doran makes each of his subjects a star with his outstanding film work.


                         Chapin out duels Parbo
Carey out duels Maile
at thrilling CCCX Series #2 Manzanita Park

 NCNCA Cross racers were treated to a very technical and challenging Cyclocross course at Manzanita Park in Prunedale this Sunday.  Dry conditions created quite the spectacle as one DH section became a beach-like sand pit that had riders fighting for control as well as vision from all the lose dirt and flying dust.  Long and smooth grass sections tested racers strength and power, while a plethora of tight turns put test riders skill and handling.  All the divisions were hotly contested and the racing was top notch in each and every group.  Cross racing in Nor-Cal is in gear and rolling strong.

Danish National Champion Joachim Parbo( KCH Leopard Cycles) made a appearance in the Men's Elite field, and blew apart the Men's race on lap one.  However to the crowds delight Scott Chapin(Rock Lobster) clawed his way back to Parbo and right when the 2 riders came together 1/2 way through the one hour tussle, the Danish Champion was "rider down" and crashed in the DH beach section.
Chapin went for broke and put a significant gap on the downed Danish star. Yet to Parbo's credit he put his head down, began to chase, and simply refused to give up. 
Parbo came within 5 seconds on the last lap, and Chapin literally had to go cross eyed(please enlarge photo above) to hold off the hard charging Euro rider.  It made a fantastic show for all to witness as the American held on barely for the thrilling victory.  Parbo was very gracious in defeat and showed his true class as a rider in his epic battle & chase back after a fall. 

The Elite Women's race was equally as exciting with Stella Carey(Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster) and Sarah Maile(Ventana MTB) locked in a serious cat fight on course.  Carey was in the fine form and never stopped attacking the front and driving the pace against the rest of the strong Women's field.
Yet the last time Sarah Maile raced at Manzanita Park she won the NCNCA District title.  Maile had amazing accelerations up the famed pavement climb as spectators cheered her on motivated from her tenacity and fight.  Carey would bomb the sandy DH section and get gaps through the corners.  But each lap Maile would do all she could to climb back into contention and possibly have a crack at the race win.
In the end, it was Carey who carried a 7 second gap into the final lap and used her experience and determination to solidify her stellar win.  This set up Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster to lay claim to both the Men's & Women's Elite race wins on the day over a very talented group of "A" level racers.

David Wyandt(Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster) and Trina Baumsteiger(Team Rambuski Law) each claimed 3rd place on the day to round out the Elite divisions top three places on the podium.

Steve Anderson's Race Photos Here...

Congratulations to all division winners on the day!

ELITE WOMEN- Stella Carey- Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
ELITE MEN- Scott Chapin- Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
SINGLE SPEED A- Ceser Chavez-
MASTER MEN 35+ A- Don Myrah-
MASTER MEN 45+ A- Dave Anderson- Cal Giant/Specialized
Amy Goldstein- Bicycle Trip/Symantec
MASTER WOMEN 45+- Yvonne Walbroehl- Pen Velo/Pomodoro
B WOMEN- Amy Shreve- Specialized
B MEN- Matt Young- SYCIP
MASTER MEN 35+ B- Ted Burns- BellLap Racing
MASTER MEN 45+ B- Miles Wadsworth- Family Cycling Center
MASTER MEN 55+- George Smith- Webcor/Alto Velo
SINGLE SPEED B- David Schindehette- Wells Fargo
C MEN- Matthew Adler- Capitola
WOMEN'S C- Monica Harris- FUNSPORT Bikes Cycling Team
JUNIOR WOMEN- Maddie Ortenblad- SCJCC/Bike Trip
JR. MEN 15-18- Ben Herken- SCJCC/Bike Trip
JR MEN 10-14- Chance Tiner- SCJCC/Bike Trip

Friday, September 24, 2010


This Sunday the CCCX Series returns to Manzanita Park in Prunedale.
Manzanita Park in Prunedale has witnessed some of the most epic races in Nor-Cal Cyclocross over the past 15 years.  Manzanita park has played host to the NCNCA District Championship on two occasions, and the courses at the park always produce the most deserving winner!
The 2010 version of CCCX at Manzanita Park will be possibly the best course yet, as each year the course progresses more & more into a legendary track that will test all aspects of your Cyclocross game.  There will be a few additions that have never been used before at Manzanita Park.  The course will be longer and more grass sections have been added to the race route.  It is very dry on all the dirt sections of the course, so tire choice will be key to speed and traction ability when ripping through the turns.  The course will run in the usual direction up the pavement start area, and most of the regular roads and trials will be in play, plus the new additions.  This course is going to be good.......  Hope to see you there & please keep it fun!

California Giant Strawberries will be awarded to top 5 in all divisions + CCCX Medals. The free kids race starts at 12 noon, with all youngsters who complete the course receiving California Giant Strawberries as well as CCCX medals.  Elite divisions will be racing for cash.

Thanks to all the business and industry sponsors of the CCCX Series, and to all the racers who compete in good spirit and bring a positive attitude to each and every CCCX event.

Also, OOGOLOW ENERGY BARS would like all CCCX racers to sample their healthy & natural energy bars.  Please grab a free one at registration, and enjoy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quck Views Of Cross Vegas

CX Magazine delivered some cool big photos(pics below please click to enlarge)- and action packed short video updates(links below) from Cross Vegas 2010. Good Stuff Out Of CX Magazine!

Driscoll(Cannondale/Cyclocross World) was the star of the night...
Powers & eventual winner Mourey give chase...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


IBIS CYCLES is a company that clearly "gets the picture" when it comes to handling their support of athletes and race teams. For Cyclocross I admire and respect IBIS CYCLES for their strong backing of Northern California riders and teams. For 2010 IBIS has put together strong support plans for National Masters Champion- 30-34 age group- Barabra Howe, and 4 time Elite Champion Don Myrah.

IBIS CYCLES was founded in 1981 by mountain bike Hall of Fame inductee, Scot Nicol, in Mendocino, CA. Today the company is controlled by Nicol, Hans Heim, Tom Morgan and Roxy Lo and is based in Santa Cruz. IBIS now offers models such as the exciting new Mojo HD, SILK SL Road Bike, and Tranny Single Speed.

The steed of choice for 2009 Master's Cyclocross Champion, Barbara Howe and 4 time Elite Men's National title holder Don Myrah, is the super trick Hakkal├╝gi Carbon Cross creation from IBIS.
IBIS also backs the Cyclocross team. The team is a classic example of why IBIS CYCLES would want to support any team. They have fun at the races, race hard, and show up week after week on the front line ready to do battle on the IBIS Hakkal├╝gi. This gives IBIS prime exposure for their product on a "grass roots" level and really brings their Cross bike to the public to view first hand.
IBIS CYCLES is also a strong supporter of Brian Lopes, who I have personally raced Cyclocross against, and is quite the all-around cyclist. Lopes is not just a 4Cross World Champion or one trick pony DH racer, Lopes is a "pure bred" athlete on the bike and IBIS makes sure he checks into a few Cross races each season to show off his skills and fitness. One race at the Fresno Cyclocross Series, Lopes and myself ended up in quite a tussle for victory in the 60 minute classic. However much I wanted the win, Lopes was not going to let it happen! He is "Superman" on a bike, and simply out rode me when it mattered most and the finish line was within reach.

IBIS CYCLES president Tom Morgan is proud and excited in the company's backing of Barbara Howe on her quest for another National Championship in Bend to back up her 2009 win.
"Working with Barb over the past year has been a great relationship for Ibis and we're looking forward to continuing it for the next year," said Tom Morgan, President of Ibis Cycles. "Beyond winning the national title last year, Barb is a great ambassador for Ibis and the sport.
In addition to racing and inspired by her volunteer work with the Berkeley High School mountain bike team [] and the National Interscholastic Cycling Association[], Howe is working to establish a scholarship for a college-bound, high school cyclist.

Joining Ibis in support of Howe are American Classic (wheels)[], Lazer Sport (helmets) [],Blackbottoms Cyclewear (team clothing) [], SRAM(drivetrains) [], FMB (tires) [],Crank Brothers [], Betwixt (chamois cream)[], and Zealios (sunscreen)[]. For the coming season, Howe will represent her own team, "Ibis and the Danger Twins".

Congratulations to IBIS CYCLES for their industry success & their commitment in supporting deserving athletes and teams who truly have a large impact in marketing the outstanding products IBIS creates.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Tim Westmore is the featured photographer in the most recent addition to the NCNCA CYCLOCROSS PHOTO PAGE. During his Central Coast Cyclocross photo shoot Westmore was hoping to catch the unique & special movements, motions and expressions that Cyclocross racers display in their actions on course. Each photo has a story to tell, so please click on each frame to enlarge the photograph and view the strong images from Tim Westmore. Some of Tim Westmore's best work has now been featured on the NCNCA CYCLOCROSS PHOTO PAGE , please have a look...

Thrill of victory - Dave Wyandt(Bay101/HRS/Rock lobster) seals the deal in the Men's Elite division...
A proven Cross move- Don Myrah(Ibis/Sram) posses one of the most smooth Cross moves in the U.S.A. ...
Scott/Ritchey team member Gabe Keck displays force, fight, and athleticism on his way to a top 10 ride in the Men's Elite division...
Right side carrying can look very clean when done proper. Most racers dismount and mount off of the left side of the bicycle. When a rider displays a move from the right side cleanly it is eye catching. San Francisco's Rainier Schaefer(Freewheel/Hunter) demonstrates how it is done from the right side of the machine, while carrying the bike with the left hand...
Ben Dodge(Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster) in flight...

Central Coast Cyclocross Series 9/19/2010

CCCX #1 shows Northern California Cyclocross is alive and kicking.
Dave Wyandt- Bay 101/HRS Rocklobster & Kerry Barnholt- Scott Ritchey(pictured below) race to Elite victories on a demanding and technical track in Ft. Ord, Monterey.

Karen Brems(Rambuski Law) on her way to 2nd place in the Women's Elite division...

Complete list of CCCX #1 division winners here-

ELITE MEN- Dave Wyandt- Bay 101/HRS Rocklobster
ELITE WOMEN- Kerry Barnholt- Scott Ritchey
MASTER MEN 45+ A- Mark Howland- Bay101/Hrs Rocklobster
MASTER MEN 35+ A- Anastasio Flores- Cal Giant/Specialized
SINGLE SPEED A- Ceser Chavez-
MASTER WOMEN 35+- Janel Lodge- Bay/101 HRS Rocklobster
MASTER WOMEN 45+- Yvonne Walbroehl- Pen Velo/Pomodoro
B MEN- Micah Mozal- CCCX/Joselyns
B WOMEN- Kathlyn DeClerc- Giro/Easton/Swobo
MASTER MEN 35+ B- Blake Von Knopka- Mash-Wrench Science
MASTER MEN 45+ B- Miles Wadsworth- Family Cycling Center
MASTER MEN 55+- Jeff Townsend- Plus 3
SINGLE SPEED B- Mario Hernandez- Speedfix plb Zubas
C MEN- Aaron Nathan- SF2G
WOMEN'S C- Monica Harris- FUNSPORT Bikes Cycling Team
JUNIOR WOMEN- Maddie Ortenblad- SCJCC/Bike TripJR.
MEN 15-18- Ben Herken- SCJCC/Bike TripJR
MEN 10-14- Chance Tiner- SCJCC/Bike Trip

Friday, September 17, 2010

Plus 3 Virtual Cyclocross Challenge

Joe Fabris and the very energetic & fun loving bunch at the Plus 3 Network will be kicking off their Virtual Cyclocross Challenge this Sunday at CCCX Series. The BASP Series will also be a part of this unique virtual cross challenge, which includes training rides as well as races, all via the magic of the interweb.
I highly recommend you get involved with this program where your miles logged on the Cross bike will move you up a virtual leaders board, all while raising dollars for charity, and having a chance at winning some cool prizes.
Full Info. Here-
Plus 3 Virtual Cyclocross Challenge
Ride Cross. Do Good for You. Do Good for Charity. Have Fun. Wash and Repeat.
There is a new national Cyclocross series that any rider across the country can ride in, and this virtual cross challenge includes training rides as well as races, all via the magic of the interweb.
Plus 3 Network (, the free website that - through corporate funding - turns every ride into a fund raiser is teaming with Sponsors Pedro’s, SRAM, Ritchey, and the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross to provide a podium that rewards Cross rides deep into the pack. Cross riders simply need to log their rides on the free Plus 3 website to play. And when a rider does that, Plus 3’s corporate sponsors turn every Activity into money for charity.
Plus 3 and local neighbor CXMagazine ( will post the weekly leader board based on cyclocross mileage logged by the riders on Plus 3. At the end of December they will award a unique five spot podium that rewards players deep into the pack. The Podium will go to riders in 1st, 13th, 26th, 39th, and 52nd place with great cross specific rewards from Pedro’s, USGP, Plus 3, SRAM, and Ritchey. See the Podium Rewards
“Cross is a one of the greatest ways to ride a bike,” noted Joe Fabris, co-founder of Plus 3 and aspiring cat 4 cross racer “and we are excited to work with our cross-crazy sponsors to reward the muddy bloody fanatics that enjoy cross in the Fall.”
To get into the action, simply go to and log in or sign up. It’s all FREE. Plus 3 has a “Challenge and Rewards” tab that is easy to spot – from there click the “Join this Plus 3 challenge” button for the Plus 3 Cross Challenge. Then ride your bike. Log your miles on Plus 3 (via the honor system or via Garmin GPS or the free Plus 3 iPhone app validated means), as “Cross – Knobby tires on mixed terrain” and watch the dollars add up for charity and the miles move you up the leader board.
Learn more and see how USGP and local Bay Area Series’ are also supporting the Plus 3 Cross Challenge at
Live Bonus for Bay Area Riders
The Plus 3 Tent will be at the CCCX and Super Prestige Events in the SF Bay Area.
The CCCX Series in will reward one rider at Season’s end with Plus 3 vest via a random drawing from Plus 3 Activities.
The Bay Area Super Prestige Series will also reward one rider at Season’s end a Plus 3 vest via a random drawing from Plus 3 Activities.
About Plus 3
Plus 3 Network is a GPS-enhanced website that manages, motivates, and rewards members for participating in fitness activities by linking them with corporate sponsors in a common cause of worthwhile giving. Plus 3 is the only comprehensive offering that actively motivates, validates & rewards fitness with self-directed charitable contributions, individual rewards, and friendship commitments. Plus 3 members to date have moved over $162,000 to various charities. Plus 3 offers Employee Wellness programs in addition to its public-facing platform. For more information about Plus 3 Network, please contact Joe Fabris at (408) 827-8713. You can also visit

Central Coast Opens Series

CCCX Cyclocross This Sunday In Monterey
A challenging course awaits all Nor-Cal Cyclocross racers this Sunday in Ft. Ord- near Monterey. Tricky turns, twisting trails, and testing terrain, highlight a race route that simply brings out the best in the riders. The dirt is going to be dry, slick, and loose, making for fast riding where each riders bike handling skill level is on check throughout the entire loop. The weather looks to be awesome and it should be a spectacular day for a Cyclocross race. First race starts at 9:00 a.m. & the fun filled kids race will start at 12 noon. All information on the CCCX Series can be found here.
The CCCX Series also kicks off the NCNCA BAR(Best All-round Rider) rankings for 2010. Each race on the NCNCA Calendar will count toward the year end overall rankings. BAR rankings are a clear reflection of the entire race season, last years totals and final re-cap of the racers who dominated 2009 can be found here.

This guy is the Spread Sheet Genius behind the BAR Rankings for all divisions in Cross.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Cal Giant Inc.'s Anthony Gallino - team director extraordinaire- has put together his most outstanding Cross unit ever. For 2010 he pulled together young talent & legendary established riders, both male and female, in what could be considered the most complete Cyclocross Team in America. This team is in for a shot at victory in every race they enter. Josh Liberies was able to catch up with the ever busy Gallino for a quick interview that makes very interesting reading, please have a look.

Most of the Cal Giant Inc./Specialized riders will assemble for their first competition as a group at this Sunday's CCCX Series race #1 in Ft Ord, near Monterey. Cal. Giant Inc. will be providing team rider picked berries for the top 5 podium finishers in each division.
Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster race team will also be fielding their tremendously strong race squad at the CCCX Series opener.


Bay Area Super Prestige Series Goes Live With New Web Site
Tom & Alec Simpson, the masterminds behind all that is the BASP Cross spectacle have put together a new website with current information on their locations & start times, as well as other tidbits of knowledge for the Cross connoisseur.
News links feature items such as- New Oakland Venue to open 2010 Season.
Chip Timing for 2010-BASP to use Hardcard Systems for race timing
I imagine more and more information will be added to the new website over time. See You At The Races!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


TRP Brakes, in conjunction with Leopard Bikes, Cyclocross Magazine, and Challenge Tires, is pleased to present a skills clinic with Joachim Parbo on Tuesday Sept. 28th from 5:30 - 7:00p.

They will meet at Palo Alto Baylands park at the intersection of Embarcadero Road and Embarcadero Way (T-intersection) for a 90-minute barrage of 'cross. Joachim is a four time Danish National Cyclocross Champion and is ranked in the UCI top 50. He will offer his experience and insights into classic techniques like mounts, dismounts, off camber corners, sand and more. Mixed with personal feedback for each rider, training and racing advice this is sure to provide a well rounded experience no matter your level.

Sterling Sports Group is also supporting this event, and it does appear that the Danish National Champion will be taking on all challengers and competing in the CCCX Series Race #2 at Manzanita Park in Prunedale.

Complete information on this Cross Clinic/Ride is here...
Paul Guerra ride-
Cyclocross ride in Mountain View / Palo Alto, Wed Sep 15th, 6 pm
What: Cyclocross ride, mini training race, maybe skills practice.

Who: Anyone who wants to ride in circles in the dirt.
When: Wednesday, September 15th, roll at 6 PM (15 minutes earlier than last week, maybe the last evening ride of the season)

Where: Meet at Terminal and San Antonio in Mountain View (37.433994,-122.099755). Take the San Antonio exit off 101 and go North until it dead ends in a parking lot or ride there.
If you miss the start, meet us at Byxbee Park: (37.451899,-122.10439). It's a popular area for the whole community, please be cool about joggers and walkers.

Why: Because practicing your mounts and dismounts by yourself in a park makes you look crazy. Doing it with a bunch of people in a park makes you part of something.
CX training races at Arastradero Preserve (Palo Alto) as usual on Thursdays at 6pm.
Same course as usual, start at the pond / pumping station.
If you are new - just look for CX riders at the parking lot just before 6pm.
There will be the usual warm-up lap, followed by 3-4 race laps.
I found this, and it seems quite interesting.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Cyclebration Cyclocross received positive reviews and was a resounding success in opening the NCNCA Cross season...
click photo to enlarge...
Large groups, super fast riders, this is par for the course in Nor-Cal Cyclocross. The Folsom event proved outstanding in providing a shotgun start to the racing action for 2010. Results and photos should be made public soon. Congratulations goes out to Kinetic Cycles on their great event!

I tracked down a few Cyclebration Cross photos from Elan Evans here...

NCNCA B.A.R.- Best All-Around Rider- Rankings Kick Off Next Sunday AT The CCCX Series. More Info. Coming...

2009 NCNCA B.A.R. Rankings Here...

The Central Coast Cyclocross Series is next up for NCNCA Cross-this coming Sunday in Ft. Ord- near Monterey.

The 2010 Reno Wheelman/Sagebrush Cyclocross Series dates have been added to the NCNCA Calendar. Please review...