Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Below is a list of all the race winners from this past weekend's super great events in Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Surf City.
Congratulations to all the division winners at those events!
 NCNCA Cyclocross now takes a two week break for the holidays, with
"Peak Season" Cross action kicking into gear the first week of 2012. 
January is sure to bring on epic Cyclocross racing with Nor-Cal's very best events saved for the end of the season, plus USA National Championships & Masters World Championships. 

A Men- Andy Jacques-Maynes- Cal Giant Strawberry
A Women- Karen Brems- Team Rambuski Law
Single Speed- Walton Brush- SF Mash
B Women- Sophia Gomez Villafane- Buy Cell- Ibis
C Women- Michelle Morrill
Junior Women- Emma Myall- Cal Giant Strawberry
Masters Women 35+ - Amy Goldstein- Bicycle Trip Symantec
Masters Women 45+- Teri Reilly
Masters Men 35+- Don Myrah- Ibis/Buy Cell
Masters men 45+- Jon Mundelius- Cal Giant Strawberry
B Men- Tim Reynolds- Kain Performance
Masters Men 35+ B- Karl Haunold
Masters Men 45+ B- Will Hall- Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
Masters Men 55+ John Brown- Family Cycling Center
C Men- Todd Rokala
Junior Men 13 & Under- Jackson Rhodes- Hunter/Freewheel
Junior Men 18& Under- Chance Tiner- S.C. Junior Cycling

A Men- Jakob Magnusek
A Women- Sarah Bamberger
Master Women 35+- Renee Shelton
B Women- Vicky Sama
Single Speed A- Yuri Hauswald
Single Speed B- Phil Fifer
B Men- Alex Brookhouse
Masters Men 35+ A- Ryan Kish
Masters Men 45+ A- John Kammeyer
Masters Men 35+ B- Richard Kirby
Masters Men 45+ B- Rusk Whipps
C Men- Matt Rossi
Junior 10-14- Donovan Birky
Junior 14-18- JJ Kammeyer
Men 55+ Jim Lund
C Women- Caitlin Sheder-Bieschin

A Men- Christopher Jones
A Women- Ellen Sherrill
B Women- Vicky Sama
Masters Women 35+- Linda Elgart
C Women- Julie Barton
Single Speed- Peter Knudsen
Masters Men 35+ A- John Mundelius
Masters Men 45+ A- John Kammeyer
Junior Men A- Robert Terra
B Men- Kevin Tufts
Masters Men 35+ B- Justin Hintz
Masters Men 45+ B- Todd Harris
Masters 55+B Men- Jim Lund
Junior Men B- Thomas Sevey
C Men- Clifton Smoot
Masters C Men 35+- Tony Simoni
Masters B Men 45+- Bryan Nelson
Masters 55+ C Men- William Dunkum III

January Nor-Cal Cyclocross Races-

Jan. 8- Surf City Series
Jan. 15- Central Coast Series
Jan. 22- North/South Challenge Bakersfield
Jan. 29- Surf City Series

January Cyclocross in the NCNCA is going to be really good!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 15, 2011



The season is "Peak" for racing Cyclocross!  The absolute best Cyclocross racing in America continues this weekend in the NCNCA with awesome events held on spectacular and super fun courses!  Northern California is the top of the food chain for Cross racing in the USA and
Saturday & Sunday it will be "Game On" for regional racers to
compete in their chosen trade!

Surf City Series goes off at the always exciting
 Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds.  This race will be super great!

The Sacramento Series final is held amongst a nudist colony at Laguna Del Sol.  What could be better then this for Cyclocross racing?  Series final events are always good times and this race will be tremendous.

The righteous Santa Rosa Cup will be in effect at Spring Lake Regional Park.
Fun times is guaranteed in between the hard breathing and leg burning sensations racers will experience on this big time fun track.  In the end winners will be drinking from the Santa Rosa Cup, will it be Napa Valley Wine or Belgium Beer in the champions cup?  You have to race and win to find out....

Nor-Cal is so fortunate to have incredibly talented photographers getting event photos of racers practicing their craft each week.

Also in the "Peak Season" of Cyclocross racing for Northern California is Surf City Series races on January 8 & 29.  Plus the great North/South Cyclocross Challenge in Bakersfield on January 21 & 22.

The 2011 Cross season has been incredible and the very best is still to come!

Ride Safe & Have Fun!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Another awesome day of racing for NCNCA Cyclocross at CCCP-Coyote Point in San Mateo. 
2011 has been an incredible season of racing and the best is still to come! 

Karen Brems(Team Rambuski Law) backed up her State Championship victory last weekend with a resounding race win in San Mateo Sunday!  Brems is currently riding an amazing winning streak on her Leopard Cyclocross bicycle, and has proven herself to be the leading lady of Nor-Cal Cyclocross for 2011. 
Congratulations on your fantastic riding this season Karen Brems!

Andy Jacques-Maynes(Cal. Giant Inc. Berry Farms/Specialized) backed up his State Championship victory last weekend with a dominating ride at Coyote Point on Sunday.  Jacques-Maynes style is a pure demonstration of power, speed, craftiness, and fluid smoothness all wrapped up into one super stellar Cyclocross racing machine.  In photo below Jacques-Maynes simply runs away from the rest of the Men's Elite field on the famous BASP fly-over.

 Gannon Myall(Cal. Giant Inc. Berry Farms/Specialized) backed up his State Championship victory last weekend with a full throttle blow-out win on Sunday at BASP #4.  Myall has put together one of those dream seasons this year that will go down in history for it's complete control of one age group race after race.  Myall has owned the tremendously competitive 45+ Men's "A" division this season, and has raced like a true champion
throughout the 2011 Cross campaign.
Congratulations Gannon Myall for putting it all together on course this year!

Don Myrah(Ibis/ was shut out by the Cal. Giant Inc. Berry Farm/Specialized duo of Justin Robinson & Alan Coats at last weekend's State Championship race.  Certainly that did not sit well in Myrah's belly during the week!  Sunday Myrah gained back some sort of revenge after being involved in another tight battle with Coats in the Men's 35+ "A" division at Coyote Point.  In the end Myrah was able to raise his hands in victory and claim the top step of the podium at BASP #4.

Joanna Bechtel(Sycomp Racing/Team A) suffering on the Cyclocross bike while enjoying the fine view of San Francisco bay.

Cyclocross Magazine!

Nor-Cal legend of Cross racing- Ron Riley(Bike Station Aptos) showing fire in his eyes as he runs the sand of San Mateo.  Riley is one of Nor-Cal's favored riders to claim a medal at the U.S. National Championships or Masters World Championships in the Men's 70+ division.

Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster team rider Ben Dodge in action at BASP #4.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Classic CCCP Cyclocross Coyote Point Awaits Northern California Racers This Sunday!

Bay Area Cyclocross is going to be amazing
 this Sunday in San Mateo!

Bring a camera or video recorder, the views at Coyoyte Point are one of a kind for Nor-Cal Cyclocross racing! 
Ride Safe & Have Fun!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Team Roaring Mouse racer Steve Anderson captured some vivid photos from Sunday's Toro Park NCNCA Championship race. 

Jeff Namba also recorded some great photos from Saturday's Sacramento Series event at Lange Twins Winery.  His collection can be viewed here.

Chris Gaffney(Webcor/Alto Velo) has put together a very strong Cyclocross season for 2011, and his dedication earned him a place on the podium for the NCNCA District Championships in the super competitive Men's 45+ division.

 Ultra strong Teri Reilly(All Downhill From Here) demonstrated power, speed, and bike handling skills to the max on her way to the Masters Women 45+ NCNCA State Championship at Toro Park.

Sofia Gomez Villafane(Ibis/Buy ripping through the tree lined sections of Toro Park on her way to the Junior NCNCA State Championship.

Beverley Chaney(Team Roaring Mouse) is one of the top all-around riders in America for her age group.  Chaney excels in Road Racing, Track Racing, MTB Racing, and now is the Masters Women 35+ NCNCA State Champion for Cyclocross.

 Fox Shox strongman Mark Fitzsimmons(Family Cycling Center) on his way to a very solid top 10 finish in the Masters Men 35+ division at the NCNCA District Championship race.

Mallory Burda(Specialized) ripping through one of the high speed turns on the Toro Park Cross course.

 Gina Hall(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) handles a tricky section on course with smoothness and grace.  This particular dip down into a sand pit with a steep exit had more then one rider over cooking the line and finding themselves in a bit of bother when all was said and done.

Jeff Townsend(Plus3 Network) showed tremendous form on the 28% pitch run-up on his way to the Bronze Medal in the Masters Men 55+ division of the NCNCA State Championship for Cyclocross.

 Chica Sexy has one of the top female race teams in Northern California.  The Chica Sexy racers have displayed a very strong presence on the regional Cyclocross scene for 2011, and they always race with class!  Here Natalia Gardoil is in fight mode during the Elite Women's race at Toro park.

Men's Elite NCNCA District Champion Andy Jacques-Maynes(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) was nothing but a blur to the other racers when he dropped a bomb on the group in his race winning attack with 2 laps to go in the final race of the day at at Toro Park.

The 2011 Pro 1/2 NCNCA Road B.A.R. Points Series winner Rand Miller(Sterling Sports) is more then just a Roadie.  Miller can be seen doing MTB XC races, as well as Track races during the year.  Sunday Miller was on his Cross bike having a go in the Elite District Championship race at Toro Park and finishing very well placed in the top 10.

Sofia Gomez Villafane had a amazing day of Cyclocross racing at the NCNCA District Championships.  Villafane won two races on the day- Junior Women & Cat. 2/3/4 Women, and made podium in another, the Women's Single Speed Championship race.  In the below photo Villafane describes how she managed to basically own the podium ceremonies during the day on her record setting performance at the NCNCA District Championships.

One of Nor-Cal's best ever female Cross racers Gina Hall loves some
Karaoke Singing!~

Monday, December 5, 2011


Toro Park produced outstanding racing on one of the seasons top tracks to decide the
2011 NCNCA Cross Championships. 
Loose sand, grippy grass, one super steep run-up, and tricky tree crossings all highlight a course worthy of a championship title fight!

Gannon Myall(Cal.Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) Masters Men 45+
 NCNCA State Champion

 Robbie Farrnes(Tieni Duro) Junior 10-14 NCNCA State Champion

 Karen Brems(Team Rambuski Law) Elite Women's
 NCNCA State Champion

Andy Jacques-Maynes(Cal. Giant Inc. Berry Farms/Specialized) Elite Men's NCNCA State Champion

Elite Men's Podium- Andy Jacques-Maynes, Tobin Ortenblad(Cal. Giant Inc. Berry Farms/Specialized), Jakob Magnusk(, Justin Robinson(Cal. Giant Inc. Berry Farms/Specialized), Grant Berry(Cycleution)

Tobin Ortenblad Junior 15-18 NCNCA State Champion

Henry Kramer(Cal. Giant Inc. Berry Farms/Specialized) Masters Men 55+
NCNCA State Champion

Justin Robinson Masters Men 35+ NCNCA State Champion

Sofia Gomez Villafane(Ibis/Buy Junior Women NCNCA State Champion

Stella Carey(Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster) on her way to victory in the first ever NCNCA Women's Single Speed State Championship

Stella Carey Women's Single Speed NCNCA State Champion

Alex Work(Bay101/HRS/Rock Lobster) Men's Single Speed
NCNCA State Champion

Joe Ryan(Cal. Giant Inc. Berry Farms/Specialized) Masters Men's 65+
NCNCA State Champion

One special race note was Anthony Gallino's California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized Cyclocross team claiming 6 of the 13 NCNCA State Championships awarded on the day. 
A tremendous overall performance from that squad!

Other 2011 State Champions- not pictured were...
Bev Chaney(Team Roaring Mouse) Masters Women 35+
Teri Reilly(All Downhill From Here) Masters Women 45+