Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The Bay Area Series, The Central Coast Series, The Surf City Series, The Sacramento Series, The Santa Rosa Cup Series, all will deliver the desired goods to Cross racers of Nor-Cal.  Plus other excellent events like the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships to be held in San Francisco, or the Lion of Fairfax event, and Folsom Cyclebration Cross.  2011 will be epic for Cyclocross racing in Nor-Cal!

The NCNCA region, with out a doubt, has some of the fastest and most dedicated Cyclocross racers in America.  The 2011 season is sure to show new champions who are creating their own status as top athletes on course.  As well as display the legendary riders who define the history of Northern California Cyclocross.  These riders are a pleasure to watch in action as their smoothness on the bike and Cross technique are refined over years and years of Nor-Cal racing!

Teams & Clubs are taking shape, and I highly recommend getting involved with a race team or cycling club to enhance the experience that is Northern California Cross. 

Keeping it fun is most important to Cyclocross racing!
At the Category 1&2 levels, the racing is super fast and super serious.  Yet even at the highest level in Nor-Cal Cross the fun factor always comes into play. 

Keep it fun and the 2011 Cyclocross season will be most memorable for all the right reasons!