Thursday, January 12, 2012


Is "Game On" For Northern California Racers
This Sunday Near Monterey.

Masters Worlds In Louisville, Kentucky.

The CCCX Series hands out season long awards as racing
continues on another fast and dry course in Nor-Cal. 
The 2011/12 Cross campaign goes down in history for
least rain ever in Northern California during Cyclocross winter racing!

The CCCX Series final is always fun times as the Cross season still burns bright with sunshine.  The course is going to be speedy & railing, and the friendly atmosphere combined with competitive action is sure to be
flowing fast in Monterey on Sunday! 

Cyclocross racing continues during the month of January with Bakersfield's North/South State Championship Challenge at Hart Park next weekend
Then the Surf City Series closes out the amazing
Nor-Cal Cyclocross year on January 29.
Now is time to rally the troops!  Get out and race Cyclocross! 
Because come February the dream of Cross racing full speed ahead
will have to be put on hold for 8 months...

CCCX, the
What an awesome way to end the year~

Across the country some of the most talented Cyclocross racers from Northern California are contesting the Masters World Championships in Louisville Kentucky.  This is the first time ever the Masters World Championships are held in America.  The fields are stacked with "World Class" talent, yet North America clearly has the advantage with the racing taking place on our home soil for the first time.  Looking at the start lists, many European racers did not make the trip over seas, providing the greatest chance ever for Nor-Cal racers to earn World Championship Medals.  The fields are stacked with riders from the USA and European racers are simply not here in any numbers at all.  A World Championship in the Masters division is very possible for a racer from Nor-Cal this weekend!

The first day of action went down today, and already the on form racers from Northern California made their mark.  Fresh of his USA National Championship, Don Myrah(Ibis/ just earned a front row spot in the main event by claiming his seeding run contested under brutal conditions in Louisville.  Cold, rain, sleet, mud, and ice is greeting the racers who have traveled to Kentucky for this premier event.  Other racers from Nor-Cal to earn top 10 status in their seeding runs were
Gannon Myall(Cal. Giant Inc.), Alan Coats(Cal. Giant Inc.),
 Edwin Rambuski(Team Rambuski Law), and Joe Fabris(Plus 3 Network).

I look for both the Women & Men from Nor-Cal to be in
for a good chance at Medals. 
In fact, it would be a major upset if the Masters riders from Nor-Cal who are in Louisville do not rise to the occasion and make their mark in history with a outstanding ride to a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal at Masters Worlds. 
Go Team!