Tuesday, August 13, 2013


John Suzuki passed this video on...
This is really good!  
So many familiar faces from 1999.  I vividly remember so much about this event!  The video starts by showing a good friend, and a very young Richard Fries who did the announcing... Richard now announces the UCI World Cup Cyclocross races.  

I like when Daniele Pontoni gets shoulder checked in Boston by Tim Johnson then gets pissed and goes on the attack!  

Seeing Steve Larson racing is sweet!  I won the Pro DH & Dual Slalom one year at the Oakridge Fat Tire Festival in Oregon.  Larson was from Oregon and won the Pro XC race there, and he was very nice to me at the awards ceremony where we both got our cash for winning the Pro races.  So sad he has passed away, or I am sure he would still be drilling it at Cross races, and probably win a Masters Cross National Championship.  

There are a number of Nor-Cal Women and Men stars of Cross from 1999 in this video.  I was on the Voodoo Cycles National Team as a DH racer, and Voodoo's top Cross star was Mark Gullickson who won the 1999 National Championship for Cyclocross!  Gullickson was one strong dude back then... Voodoo Cycles will always be one of my favorite sponsors, and brings back many memories for sure! 

There is Justin Robinson and Damon Kluck making an appearance for the Real Wheels/Voodoo CyclocrossTeam.  Robinson finished 3rd that year in the Super Cup overall standings.  Robinson is such a star, and is still killing it in Nor-Cal's regional races in the Masters & Elite divisions.

And Nor-Cal's Carmen D'Aluisio and National Cross Champion Shari Kain.  Carmen & Shari really set the bar so high for the Women Cyclocross racers of Northern California, and those two ladies very much put Nor-Cal on the National stage for Cyclocross.   

Hat's off to the Nor-Cal Cross fans!  They lined the course at the Presidio and seemed to be the largest fan base of all the Super Cup races shown.  

This video will really bring back some serious memories of days gone by for many of our regional Cross racers.  

So many of today's local Cross players took part in this race, it makes for super good viewing and will bring back thoughts of some great times back in the day from Nor-Cal Cross past....