Thursday, September 12, 2013


The Nor-Cal Cyclocross race season in on!
Congratulations to Cody Kaiser(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) and Emily Kachorek(#GHETMOTO) 
for being the most speedy & top fit 
Men and Women racers for the day!

But do not expect mud just yet!  The course is going to be dry, fast and slick sliding in the turns.  Most of the layout is on dry hard-packed dirt that makes for fun riding.  Yet Northern California is on a very dry pattern, and the ground will be dry as dry gets.  Tire choice and air pressure will already be key and it is just the 
first races of the season...
Saturday and Sunday CCCX Cross races should be very exciting.

Mud is going to arrive one day this 
2013/14 Nor-Cal Cross season!  
This is a fact!

Early season races prepare riders to gain strength and bike handling skills in order to face the challenges the entire Nor-Cal Cross season will bring.  Now it is dry dirt, sand and slick corners in all turns.  Later it will be moist ground, wet tracks and sloppy sections that bring their own unique challenges...
So much fun racing Cross & so much action on every single lap!

The Cross schedule for Nor-Cal is complete and can be viewed here.  September has the CCCX events this weekend & Saturday Sept. 21 & Saturday Sept. 28.  The Sacramento Series kicks into gear on Sunday Sept. 22.  The first Bay Area Super Prestige race closes out the month on Sunday Sept. 29.  Now is time to pin on a race # and get out and compete.  Or you will always be playing catch up to the dedicated Cross racers who hone their skills each weekend at the Nor-Cal  Cross events

The CCCX Series uses day of registration only.  Surf City Series, Murphy Mack's Nor-Cal CX Series, the BASP races, and the Sacramento Series all have Pre-reg links on their web site.  
Do check out each race series website the week of each event, just to make sure there are no changes to schedules or locations...

Tim Westmore clicked some great shots from the first Cross race of the season in Folsom. Please have a view here. 

Nor-Cal has the very best Cyclocross photographers in the country.  The list is long of the great photographers of Nor-Cal Cross.  Tim Westmore, Steve Anderson, Jeff Namba, Paul Doran, Jon Suzuki, Garrett Lau....  And so many more!  
This weekend on both Saturday & Sunday I am sure some very cool race photos will be produced.

This video is gnarly!  All I can say is technical...!!!  Hats of to Katie Compton of the USA for the win.  And check out Lars Boom win... after he has 1/2/3 or more chain trouble issues.  Watching, you keep thinking there is no way he can win after his 
chain drama.... 
What a win, that guy was flying through the snow sections and clearly was putting out more speed and power then the rest!  

I am not supposed to say anything, but Lance Armstrong is supposed to be at the Cross race this weekend.
Keep that on the low please...
Keith DeFiebre is also expected to make an appearance as well!

Cross Vegas is next week!  That race is going to be fast and certainly Lance will not be the only rider working out the kinks this weekend in preparation for Cross Vegas...

This weekend at the CCCX race will be the first real meeting of the fast studs of Nor-Cal Cross.  Our regions best Elite Women, Elite Men, Masters and Juniors will all be in action.  Teams such as Paul Sadoff's Rock Lobster crew & Anthony Gallino's California Giant Inc./Specialized group will be throwing on their proud colors to compete.  Lobster features racers Scott Chapin, Aaron Bradford, Katie Jay Melina, and Ellen Sherrill. The Strawberry crew features Justin Robinson, Tobin Ortenblad, Cody Kaiser and Elle Anderson.  I do have to think that this season will be the very first in a long while where Cal. Giant Inc. Berries and Rock Lobster racers will not necessarily be the most dominate riders at each race.  The riders I listed above are clearly the very best from our region.  However this season both Andy Jacques-Maynes & Ben Jacques-Maynes will be racing under new sponsor logos.  AJM will now be flying Tim Cannard's IBIS/ colors. And BJM will be sporting the Jamis Cyclocross rig and kit.  Having the Jacques-Maynes both race on different teams, and not on Cal. Giant Inc. or Rock Lobster, is going to make for the very best Elite racing action we have seen for years. 
Andy can be considered the very best racer from our region for Cyclocross over the past few years.  While Ben has super skills, incredible talent, and Pro Tour races as part of his diet.

The speed and talent on course is going to be "World Class". 

 It will also be very interesting to see how our regions World Champions from last season will be racing to start the year.  Karen Brems(Rambuski Law), Don Myrah(IBIS/, and Henry Kramer(Cal. Giant Inc.) will be sporting UCI World Champion kits and will be starting their prep for defending that title!

Much more will be coming in the near future on the throw down battles of our Elite racers from this Blog.
This is going to be a very special year for Nor-Cal Cyclocross!

One web site that is very cool and a go to site I can share with readers is here...
If you love Cyclocross, 
this is a page you will enjoy very much!

Lastly, always remember to keep the racing fun!

Cyclocross season is a special time of year, and Cyclocross is a special sport that brings people together to race fast, compete hard, and enjoy the atmosphere the racing brings on.  
But more then fast racing, and tough competition.... Cyclocross in Nor-Cal is plain fun!

Cyclocross is the best way for amateur riders to improve skills & strength.
Cyclocross is the best way for the top racers to show off their talent and speed.
Cyclocross brings people together to enjoy cycling in conditions that are always challenging, dry or wet.

Keep it fun and....
Race Cyclcoross!