Thursday, October 3, 2013


Big action ahead for NCNCA Cyclocross!

Murphy Mack's Nor-Cal CX Series takes flight this Saturday in San Jose.

Then the CCCX Series ventures to the excellent Toro Park on Sunday for what is shaping up to be a super awesome weekend of 
Northern California Cyclocross racing!

Plus Sacramento Series on Sunday at Orangevale!

The Nor-Cal CX Series bring Cross racing to San Jose's Montgomery Hill Park.  
Any park that has a hill in it's name is made for cycling!  
This is sure to be fantastic racing and a great chance to show 
San Jose how very cool Cross is!  

A few special notes from Murphy Mack on this event-
"Fried chicken and Belgian Waffles...  need I say more?"
"Due to the combination of awesome short climbs and fast, flat sections on the course, there is no correct single speed gear. Either way you go you're hosed."  

I love clean port-o-lets. We've got eight of them coming and two hand sinks. Do me a favor and close the lid when you're done 'ya damn filthy ape.

This event is sure to be fun!  
Show up to race fast and flash a smile to all who you encounter!

The CCCX Series on Sunday throws out one of the most choice courses in Nor-Cal... the fun riding route of Toro Park!

A few new sections will be added to the Toro course this season, with Park Rangers offering up some choice portions of grass that have never been used before.  

Plan on a large amount of high speed sections, mixed with technical turns and elevation gains that challenge the best.  
Overall the CCCX Toro Park course is a true Nor-Cal CX Classic!

Amy Dombroski you will be missed by all...