Monday, December 6, 2010


BASP Series 2010 is complete.  A Special congratulations to Kerry Barnholt(Scott/Ritchey) & Steve Reaney(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) on their tremendous riding in claiming the Elite Division BASP Series titles!

Steve Reaney deserves a little extra praise, as he pulled off an outstanding double BASP Series win.  Reaney was the Masters 35+ "A" division champion, as well as the Elite division champion.  Congratulations on your super strong Cross season Steve Reaney!

Congratulations To All The Division Champions!

Cat A Men- Steve Reaney- Cal Giant Inc./Specialized
Cat A Women- Kerry Barnholt- Scott/Ritchey
Master 35+ A- Steve Reaney- Cal Giant Inc./Specialized
Master 45+ A- Kevin Merrigan- Team Rambuski Law
Single Speed A- Rainer Schaefer- Freewheel/Hunter
Master Women 35+ A- Kristin Drumm- Divine Electric
Cat B Women- Joanna Bechtel
Cat B Men- Alex Wick- Davis Bike Club
Master 35+ B- Shawn O'Mera- Velo Reno
Master 45+ B- William Stratchan- Sterling/Sendmail
Single Speed B- Christopher Elbo- Missing Link/3rdRail
Cat C Women- Erin Durkee
Master 55+- Norm Kreiss- Cal Giant Inc./Specialized
Juniors 15-18- Tobin Ortenblad- Spokesman Bicycles
Juniors 10-14- Jovanni Stefani- Sprocket Rocket
Junior Women U15- Eliana Stefani- Sprocket Rocket
Master 35+ C- Michael Lodoen- Murray-Renaissance
Cat C Men- Jonathon  Krier-tran- SJBC

                      All BASP Photos Here.