Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Racing Resumes In Nor-Cal This Weekend

Looked like some fun racing Nor-Cal style at Aptos High School!

Monkey Cross in Santa Rosa will take place at Galvin Park.  There is sure to be some challenging and extra fun conditions as real Cross racing begins this weekend with rain and heavy downpour in the forecast.

Sacramento Cross will be held at Lange Twins Winery.  This course is a classic route, and the more rain that hits leading up to race day, will only make the competition more legendary!

Sunday's CCCX race will go off in Ft. Ord.  This area of the former Army Base is known for fast racing and challenging courses.  The hard-packed & sandy trails suck up the water when it rains making for great riding in the worst possible conditions.

And conditions could be epic this weekend as rain is sure to play a major role in the racing for NCNCA racers.

Get out there and race!