Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Congratulations To All Surf City Series Division Winners At Harbor High This Past Sunday!  Cyclocross Racing Rules In Nor-Cal & The Surf City Action Is Good Times For All...

Bully on campus.  Andy Jacques-Mayens(Bissell) school's the rest at Harbor High.

Category A Men- Andy Jacques-Maynes- Bissell
Category A Women- Meredith Miller- Cal Giant Inc.
Single Speed- Chas Christiansen
Category B Women- Lindsey Collins- ABS
Category C Women- Sarah Harling- Sheila Moon
Jr. Women 18 & Under- Maddie Ortenblad- Bicycle Trip
Master Women 35+- Janel Lodge- Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
Master Women 45+- Lillisan Pfulke- US Metro Transport
Master Men 35+ A- Don Myrah- Buy Cell/Ibis
Master Men 45+ A- Kevin Merrigan- Team Rambuski Law
Category B Men- Doss Barnes
Master Men 35+ B- Joshua Pizzica- Third Pillar
Master Men 45+ B- Max Tompson- Missing Link/3rd Rail
Master Men 55+- John Brown- Family Cycling Center
Master Men 65+- Richard Montgomery- Cal Hoops
Category C Men- Samuel Cerruti
Jr. Men 13 & Under- Ryan Chaney- Roaring Mouse
Jr. Men 18 & Under- Chase Cummings- Bicycle Trip

Meredith Miller will be representing the USA at Cyclocross World's!  Miller tuned her game at Harbor High...

Karen Brems(Team Rambuski Law) 2nd place Elite Women...

Josie Jacques-Maynes(Cal Giant Inc.) 3rd place Elite Women...

National Masters Champion Don Myrah...

The daughter of Mr. Myrah- Isabella Myrah(Buy Cell/Ibis) full flight up the running section...

Junior Women District Champion superstar Maddie Ortenblad...

Freewheel flyer Cameron Falconer...

San Francisco Cross racer Uri Friedman(Chica Sexy)...