Friday, December 7, 2012


Northern California Cross Sees Huge Sunday Of Action This Weekend As the Bay Area Super Prestige, Sacramento Series, and Fresno's Homegrown Series, All Go Off With Race Cyclocross Fun!

The very best of Cyclocross Nor-Cal is now! 
Cold air, moist ground, hungry racers...
This is what legit Cyclocross racing is all about.
A few years have gone by when a Cross season regionally has featured some demanding conditions where winter racing breathed
life and color into the competitions.
Now some great racing chances are lined up to finish out the year...
for sure it is time to get outdoors and

Tom & Alec Simpson of the Bay Area Super Prestige races have put together their best course for last with legendary Coyote Point in play Sunday. 
Both Tom & Alec are very thankful for all support from the Nor-Cal Cross community this season and they are determined to close their race season out with a big bang this Sunday at Coyote Point.

Sacramento Series ventures to Howard Park in Ione.
The Sacramento Series is such incredible fun for the racers.
This is the perfect opportunity to..
Sacramento Cyclocross has come such a very long way since John & Linda Elgart first started the race series years ago...
The courses are always top notch now thanks to Asa Salas.
Plus Brian Joder & Gene Redmond are so cool, ice runs through their veins.
It will be very interesting to see if any of the Sacramento Series racers can step up and win NCNCA District Championship category when the Nor-Cal State Championship race takes place at the end of the month on December 30th. 

Fresno will close down their Cross racing this Sunday with the Homegrown Series final event at Woodward Park.  Race route designer Justin Morgan throws down incredible courses and always does his very best to put riders to the test and put to rest any doubt of his quest, which is great times for all racing Cross.
Meanwhile... Fresno legend J.P. Sickler has a tremendous skill level
for hosting great events like the "Lou Night Race Cross Festival".  His dedication and hard work then transcends to each and every
Fresno Cyclocross event... even if he is not the main host for this Sunday's race. 
Just having J.P. Sickler there on race day makes
every one's day just a little better!
The Central California Off-Road Cyclists being life to the Homegrown Series and make the racing in Fresno truly super fun! 
I congratulate this group on their efforts and success!