Friday, December 14, 2012


It is another huge weekend of Cyclocross racing Northern California style...
NCNCA B.A.R. Rankings facing final Cross events of season!  Many divisions are coming down to the very last race of the season to determine which rider deserves the #1 NCNCA RANK!
Saturday has the always awesome and amazing Santa Rosa Cup race taking place at Windsor Oaks Winery.  My inspection of the course leads to one conclusion, this race is going to be great!
 Sunday has the fantastic and fun Surf City Series Merry Crossmas race.  Taking place at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, the Surf City event will be full of Holiday spirit and good times will be flowing...
This event also has a very cool fundraiser going on to help send Nor-Cal's super talented Tobin Ortenblad to USA Cycling's Euro Cross Camp.
Tobin(photo below) is one of America's best U23 Cross racers and supporting him in his dream to race in Belgium is quite a great thing to do...
Race Cyclocross! 
Sunday also has the final race of the Sacramento Cyclocross Series
at Laguna Del Sol.

This is the go to location for the Sacramento Series to end their Cross racing.  Naked Cross competitors always brings out the Holiday Spirit, and Laguna Del Sol has plenty of non clothed humans to cheer on the racers.  This free for all freak show of streaking Cyclocross racers is legendary!  One thing for sure is camera's will be going off as the liberated racers fly by in their Birthday suits.
Following this great weekend of racing is the Christmas Holiday and a one week break for Nor-Cal Cyclocross.
Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!

Then after the Christmas break is one of the biggest and
most prestigious races on the Nor-Cal calendar,
the NCNCA/USA Cycling District Cyclocross Championships.
Please check the CCCX website for updates as the race date nears.
The location for the District Championship has been changed to Ft. Ord near Monterey, so please check the website for course updates.
Extra age groups will be added to the regular CCCX schedule.
Masters Women 35+, 45+ and 55+ will be contested
during the 12:30 pm Women's race.
Masters Men 35+, 45+, 55+, and 65+ "A" division will go
during the 11:00 am Men's race.
Regular CCCX start times will be in effect for all divisions.

Big thanks to Jeff Namba for his great photos that were
on display for this Blog Post.