Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It is becoming "Game On" for Cyclocross preparation phase...
Local workouts are starting to gather and coaching sessions are on offer for 
Cyclocross specific skills.
each have Cross activities on offer and I do recommend you track down one of those two super star instructors to sharpen your Cross move and advance your Cross technique in all aspects...

Nice to see past Cyclocross World Champion Lars Boom win today's stage in the Tour de France-
The best bike handlers in the business have either raced or trained doing 
Cyclocross, BMX, Downhill, Dual Slalom or MTB XC cycling.

Fit & Filthy always has their nose to the mud to keep information flowing for 
NCNCA Cyclocross racers-

Always good information regarding all that is Cyclocross at Cyclocross Magazine, have a look-

A quick video that shows just how cool Cross is-

Questions about Cyclocross stuff?  Want to find more information about Cross gear and goods then you need?  See Cyclocross Reddit-