Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The Cyclocross Season is just a few scant weeks away from starting.  Racers need to be getting their bikes, their fitness and overall game plan for the season together now.  
Certainly others are dreaming of Cross and taking part in Road events or MTB races to prep their fitness for Cross season's start the first week of September.
Calendar here.

This weekend is Clinic central in Nor-Cal with 2 very cool teaching, coaching and discussion sessions for the dedicated deeply addicted Cross racers.  These sessions are for beginning racers & advanced racers and all in between... 
With guest instructors who will keep it fun and focus on speed and proper technique for Cross.  
A true Win Win for all!

Niels was a 2 time Cyclocross World Champion.
Winning those titles on the epic courses of Hoogerheide & Koksijde.
 He was truly one of the greats of the sport and when he was on his "A" game there were only a handful of racers alive who could keep him in check.  He will be sorely missed.

So stoked for Sven Nys to be back headlining Cross Vegas.  Rumor has it Nys will be in Central California & Carmel/Pebble Beach the week before Cross Vegas on vacation & to take part in the CCCX Series race to prepare his legs for Cross Vegas.
This year at Cross Vegas the race will be extra fast as Lars Van der Haar will join Nys on the start line to challenge America's best racers.  Van der Haar is a past champion of Cross Vegas and that boy is gauranteed to make a run at win #2 and to take the Vegas crown away from Nys.

Karen Brems is a true legend of the Northern California for Road Racing and Cyclocross Racing!
Brems is such a class act on and off the bike... a rider who has dominated local racing as well as racing to the top of the world in UCI Masters competition earning World Champion status.  She let's her racing do her taking and in that case there is huge shouts of success!  Tim Westmore at Fit & Filthy did manage to get Brems to speak and share some of her plans for the future as well as her history of bike riding that developed herself into one of the all-time greats from 
Nor-Cal and the USA for that manner...

Speaking of Fit & Filthy....
Hat's off to Tim Westmore for his vision of Cross coverage in Nor-Cal and beyond.
I do highly recommend keeping a close eye on this page to keep in the game and on the news topics that are relevant to all that is Cyclocross in Northern California.

It will be dry and fast for the first part of Cross Season.  This is a fact!
However rain is sure to come as the racing progresses on the calendar.  Nor-Cal is legendary for some rain races of the past.  There have been some incredible events over the years where rain, mud and gnarly conditions are the main theme for particular events.  Those rainy races, where conditions are brutal and the strong and most technically advanced riders rise to the top steps of the podium are always the most memorable.  Let us all hope for some hard conditions this year, conditions that make Nor-Cal the best for real Cyclocross racing.

Cross skills and bike handling are the bread and butter of the best winter racers.  
The dismount move, the mount move, shouldering & carrying your bike, running over obstacles and up hills and stairs, tight turns at speed 
and accelerations under stress of the race are all key aspects of the game.  
Practice makes perfect.
Get after it or be left behind.