Monday, September 27, 2010


                         Chapin out duels Parbo
Carey out duels Maile
at thrilling CCCX Series #2 Manzanita Park

 NCNCA Cross racers were treated to a very technical and challenging Cyclocross course at Manzanita Park in Prunedale this Sunday.  Dry conditions created quite the spectacle as one DH section became a beach-like sand pit that had riders fighting for control as well as vision from all the lose dirt and flying dust.  Long and smooth grass sections tested racers strength and power, while a plethora of tight turns put test riders skill and handling.  All the divisions were hotly contested and the racing was top notch in each and every group.  Cross racing in Nor-Cal is in gear and rolling strong.

Danish National Champion Joachim Parbo( KCH Leopard Cycles) made a appearance in the Men's Elite field, and blew apart the Men's race on lap one.  However to the crowds delight Scott Chapin(Rock Lobster) clawed his way back to Parbo and right when the 2 riders came together 1/2 way through the one hour tussle, the Danish Champion was "rider down" and crashed in the DH beach section.
Chapin went for broke and put a significant gap on the downed Danish star. Yet to Parbo's credit he put his head down, began to chase, and simply refused to give up. 
Parbo came within 5 seconds on the last lap, and Chapin literally had to go cross eyed(please enlarge photo above) to hold off the hard charging Euro rider.  It made a fantastic show for all to witness as the American held on barely for the thrilling victory.  Parbo was very gracious in defeat and showed his true class as a rider in his epic battle & chase back after a fall. 

The Elite Women's race was equally as exciting with Stella Carey(Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster) and Sarah Maile(Ventana MTB) locked in a serious cat fight on course.  Carey was in the fine form and never stopped attacking the front and driving the pace against the rest of the strong Women's field.
Yet the last time Sarah Maile raced at Manzanita Park she won the NCNCA District title.  Maile had amazing accelerations up the famed pavement climb as spectators cheered her on motivated from her tenacity and fight.  Carey would bomb the sandy DH section and get gaps through the corners.  But each lap Maile would do all she could to climb back into contention and possibly have a crack at the race win.
In the end, it was Carey who carried a 7 second gap into the final lap and used her experience and determination to solidify her stellar win.  This set up Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster to lay claim to both the Men's & Women's Elite race wins on the day over a very talented group of "A" level racers.

David Wyandt(Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster) and Trina Baumsteiger(Team Rambuski Law) each claimed 3rd place on the day to round out the Elite divisions top three places on the podium.

Steve Anderson's Race Photos Here...

Congratulations to all division winners on the day!

ELITE WOMEN- Stella Carey- Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
ELITE MEN- Scott Chapin- Bay 101/HRS Rock Lobster
SINGLE SPEED A- Ceser Chavez-
MASTER MEN 35+ A- Don Myrah-
MASTER MEN 45+ A- Dave Anderson- Cal Giant/Specialized
Amy Goldstein- Bicycle Trip/Symantec
MASTER WOMEN 45+- Yvonne Walbroehl- Pen Velo/Pomodoro
B WOMEN- Amy Shreve- Specialized
B MEN- Matt Young- SYCIP
MASTER MEN 35+ B- Ted Burns- BellLap Racing
MASTER MEN 45+ B- Miles Wadsworth- Family Cycling Center
MASTER MEN 55+- George Smith- Webcor/Alto Velo
SINGLE SPEED B- David Schindehette- Wells Fargo
C MEN- Matthew Adler- Capitola
WOMEN'S C- Monica Harris- FUNSPORT Bikes Cycling Team
JUNIOR WOMEN- Maddie Ortenblad- SCJCC/Bike Trip
JR. MEN 15-18- Ben Herken- SCJCC/Bike Trip
JR MEN 10-14- Chance Tiner- SCJCC/Bike Trip