Monday, November 15, 2010


Each weekend this time of the Cross season is huge in action and full of high drama.  It will continue to be that way leading up to the USA National Championships.

Congratulations to Devon Haskell(Bike Station Aptos) & Alex Candelario(World Bicycle Relief) on their strong Elite victories.

A few weeks ago I posted that Nor-Cal needs to witness Andy & Ben Jacques-Maynes, plus Alex Candelario square up for a Cyclocross challenge, and face off against each other and the rest of the Nor-Cal fast men.  It went down Sunday in Watsonville and super star Candelario came out on top with AJM & BJM next across the line.  These three riders, with some Pro Tour miles in their legs, simply elevate the Nor-Cal Cross game.  Hopefully there will be a re-match very soon. 

Saturday's BASP Night race was a Cyclocross extravaganza, held under bright lights and run literally right next to the beautiful San Francisco Bay.  Brisbane was the city host, and I can only imagine the racing was contested at an extremely high level. At the time of the post no "official" BASP results have been posted online.