Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Congratulations to Elite race winners Andy Jacques-Maynes(Bissell Pro Cycling) & Karen Brems(Team Rambuski Law).

Both John Suzuki & Tim Westmore captured excellent photos from the awesome day of NCNCA Cyclocross racing.

Congratulations to the rest of the division winners at Surf City #1.
Master Women 35+- Janel Lodge- Bay 101/ HRS/Rock Lobster
Master Women 45+- Teri Reilly- Clayton
Master Women 55+- Linda Elgart- Webcor/Alto Velo
Category B Women- Amy Shreve- Specialized
Category C Women- Haley Cutter- Santa Cruz
Jr. Women 18 & Under- Maddie Ortenblad- Bike Trip
Master Men 35+ B- Christopher Elbo- Missing Link/3Rd Rail
Master Men 65+- John Elgart- Webcor/Alto Velo
Master Men 55+- John Brown- Family Cycling Center
Master Men 45+ B- Max Thompson- Missing Link/3Rd Rail
Category B Men- Garth Spencer- Specialized
Single Speed- Walton Brush- Mash SF
Master Men 45+ A- Kevin Merrigan- Team Rambuski Law
Master Men 35+ A- Don Myrah- Ibis/Buy Cell.com

It is very nice to see Andy Jacques-Maynes take to course.  Having AJM compete in some Nor-Cal Cross is definitely going to shock the legs of other Elite Men racers.  AJM has world class talent & power, and the rest of the Nor-Cal Elite male riders will have to clearly pick up their game if they dare to take on the Bissell sponsored Andy Jacques-Maynes.  I feel the other Nor-Cal men will rise to the challenge and AJM will have his hands full at certain times if he chooses to compete on the local scene for some Cross 2010.

Another Elite racer note- Kerry Barnholt(Scott/Ritchey) travelled to the Boulder UCI events this past weekend with a number of other Nor-Cal fast Women.  Barnholt showed stellar form to make the only top 5 placing over the two days of Cyclocross racing in Boulder.  Barnholt was on the podium Saturday with Katherine Compton (Planet Bike-Stevens Bikes), Georgia Gould (Team Luna), Nicole Duke (HUDZ-Vista Subaru), and Meredith Miller (California Giant/Specialized).  Very solid company for Barnhlolt!  Devon Haskill(Bike Station Aptos), who has been one of the leading ladies of Nor-Cal Cross for 2010, did manage 6th place on Sunday.  Barbara Howe(Ibis and the Danger Twins) put together a solid ride on Sunday finishing 8th place- in a very strong three-up battle with Wendy Sims(Ridley Bicycles) and Maureen Bruno Roy (Bob's Red Mill p/b Seven Cycle).

Kevin Merrigan won the 45+ Masters Men division at the Surf City Series event.  The 45+ Masters Men division in Nor-Cal is now, quite possibly, the most competitive field in Northern California.  It reflects the Elite division in Nor-Cal Cross 10-15 years ago!  Merrigan is a past National Champion, and is one of a handful of first class riders who now qualify for the 45+ division.  This 45+ group is loaded with talent and a top 10 placing is quite an accomplishment in this field.  Racers like Alan Coats(Cal Giant/Specialized) & Rich Maile(Mikes Bikes) are also examples of super talented Cross racers who are above 45+,  making this group beyond category for difficulty.  Top class racers do get older each year, which makes the Masters racing in Nor-Cal King Of The Court!  The 35+ Masters Men division holds legends, but now the 45+ fields are super stacked, showing that racers do get older but also seemingly faster with age.