Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The kind, courteous and fun loving Tom & Alec Simpson, who are the masterminds behind the stellar Bay Area Super Prestige races, made a few smart moves for 2011 to better handle the popularity of their great events.  Pre-registration is now the name of the game for the Bay Area Super Prestige races.  So if you want to race these events you need to go to their web site and pre-register now!

The big show that is the Bay Area Super Prestige races are a huge part of what makes Nor-Cal one of the top regions in America for Cyclocross racing.  Tom & Alec Simpson deserve much gratitude for their dedication to the Bay Area Cross scene and I personally want to give them a big thumbs up for all they do for Cyclocross racing in general.

One tip for the Bay Area Super Prestige races are to keep it fun!  Large fields and tight courses make for great racing a long way down the line of riders.  Yet this can also cause stress and turmoil to riders when the competition heats up and racers are banging elbows left and right.  Keep it fun, and enjoy the experience, and this will in turn make the Bay Area Super Prestige races good times for all!  Including Tom & Alec who have their hands full putting on the events in the first place.

The Santa Rosa Cup has made a date change and the calendars will soon reflect this move.  Brian Staby at CX Nation gave notice that the Santa Rosa Cup will now be  holding a race on November 26th, rather than the original date of October 29th.  This appears to be a great move, as the Santa Rosa Cup will be putting together a strong Cross course with special features via a blessing from the City of Santa Rosa for this special date.

It will be hot Cyclocross racing near the State Capitol!
Have Fum & Ride Safe!