Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This Saturday's Lion of Fairfax will be epic!
To what will be an amazing day of Cyclocross...

Big Swinging Cycles will not disappoint in keeping the Lion of Fairfax fun times for all!  So far in 2011 CCCX, Folsom, & Sac. Town, have all delivered some great races.  Now it is the Lion of Fairfax to step up and go off...  Enjoy!

The Surf City Series has set their dates!  The super cool Halloween Event opens the Surf City game on October 30th!  Best of all the Surf City has their last date set for January 29th.  This is one week after the North/South Challenge in Bakersfield on Jan. 22.  So thanks to the CCCX Series, Bakersfield North/South Championships, and the Surf City Series, Cyclocross racing in our region fills up January until the end of the month!

Team Santa Cruz keeps the Surf City Series alive...
Thank You!

Mark your calendar for the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross to kick into gear with the revival of the Candle Stick Park course on October 23rd.
Lets hope for rain, cause that course really gets into tip top shape with some moisture in the dirt!  I am sure it will be bumpy and choppy from the lack of cycling the past years on the track.  Sounds like fun to me, more bumps & more choppy sections makes the Nor-Cal racers that much tougher and stronger when all is said and done!  Thank you to all promoters for the most wicked courses possible!

My advice to all is...
Get Out There And Race!
Each Weekend & Each Event- JUST RACE!