Tuesday, September 6, 2011


NCNCA Cyclocross racing can be defined by it's amazing racers and the teams that support the true stars of Northern California Cyclocross.  The best riders from the NCNCA region are truly dedicated to their craft, Cyclocross is the calling in their athletic life.  Year after year the legendary riders of Nor-Cal rise to the top of the results list, fueled by passion and a fire from within to race full force on all types of Cross courses under all types of conditions. 
Simply go to one regional race and watch the Masters & Elite racers have at each other, the speed and fight is evident from the gun. 
 NCNCA Cyclocross is fast, furious, and fun.

If any rider wants to get to the front of the Women's or Men's Masters or Elite division they will find themselves bumping elbows with a rider from the two "super teams" that dominate the Nor-Cal racing at the highest levels.

Justin Robinson

David Wyandt

Directors Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster & Anthony Gallino of California Giant Berries have put together world class racing teams for Cyclocross over the past decade, featuring the very top of class riders Northern California has on offer. 

Stella Carey

Gina Hall

 Each season brings new challenges and drama for these two directors.  Yet the fulfillment of their hard work comes from the outstanding racing that goes off each weekend at the front of the local races in Nor-Cal. 

Alan Coats

Brett Lambert

Of course each director has National results as a huge goal, but it is the local race scene that begins the quest for Gold Medals at Nationals, and Rock Lobster versus California Giant Berries is sure to be the headlining act this 2011 Cross season.

Scott Chapin

Cody Kaiser

One shocker to the regional battle of Strawberry vs. Lobster, is Rock Lobster adding Aaron Bradford to their Elite roster.  Rarely can a rider step into the NCNCA region and have instant impact at the front of the Elite division of Cross racing.  Kerry Barnholt and Devin Gory are two riders who did this in the Women's group.  Aaron Bradford is one male rider who is a pure bad ass on the bike and his Cross skills have put him right on the front row of the fastest group in Nor-Cal the past two years.  Bradford is now a Rock Lobster sponsored rider for Cyclocross, and this could tilt the balance of power clearly to the side of Paul Sadoff & the Lobster crew.  Only time will tell...

The Cross events such as CCCX, Surf City, The Bay Area Super Prestige Races, The Lion of Fairfax, Sacramento Series, The Santa Rosa Cup, & Stafford Lake Cross will decide which team dominates regionally.  One thing you can count on is the chase for supremacy will be a fun ride for all. 

A fact that can not be contested is California Giant's Masters team as being the best in the U.S.A. for Masters racing. 

Todd Hoefer

While Rock Lobster holds most of the cards for stellar results in Elite regional races,  The California Giant Berry Masters team is the most dominate Masters Cyclocross team in America.  The California Giant Masters team results speak for themselves...

Norm Kreiss

Gannon Myall

Ana Flores

 Don Langely

The California Giant Masters team has added two leading performers from last years Cross season to their stellar Masters team which is already over loaded with talent.  Joining the Strawberry bunch for the 2011 race season are current 45+ NCNCA District Champion John Mundelius, and hard charging Tao Bernardi. 

John Mundelius

Tao Bernardi

The next report on this blog will be on the challengers to these "super teams".  The report will feature some of the most outstanding riders
and teams that will surely at one time or another during
the season get the best of the riders listed below. 

After all, cycle sport is dramatic theatre that plays out with no script except for the fight and struggle that races and competition produce.  Anything can happen in cycle sport, and in Cross racing it is all magnified to the highest degree for cycling when the start whistle sounds!

Thank you for your continued reading...

Here is a list of riders that make up two of the best overall teams for NCNCA Cyclocross.

Rock Lobster Racers- Joshua Snead, Scott Chapin, Aaron Bradford, Aaron Odell, Stella Carey , Ben Popper, Simon Vickers, Ariel Brown, Brett Lambert,
Mark Howland, Dave Wyandt, Kevin Crossley, Ben Dodge,
Alex Work, Katie Jay Melina, Eric Highlander, Dean Poshard, Mary Ellen Ash, Matt Jordan, Brian Staby, Alan T. Ott, Frank Kalcic,
Tim Watson, Janel Lodge, Kathleen Bortolussi, Jon Mason,
Benoit Dubuisson, Jeff Traugott, Brent Harris, Alan Bennett,
David Millett, Paul Sadoff, Jason Rahwles, Natasha Perry,
Aaron Hunter, Michell Perez, Ryan Bontrager.

California Giant Racers- Justin Robinson - multiple National medals,
Cody Kaiser -  National Champ., Alan Coats – 3 time National Champ.,
Todd Hoefer – 2 time National Champ., Gina Hall – National Champ.,
JoJo Jaques-Maynes – National Champ.,
Norm Kreiss – Silver Medalist Nationals,
Henry Kramer – Silver Medalist at Nationals and Worlds,
Gannon Myall- Silver Medalist Nationals, Don Langley,
Rob “Buckwheat” Meigan, Ana Flores, Eric Bustos,
Joe Ryan- National Elite Champ 1980,Madeleine “Maddie” Myall (Junior),
John Mundelius-Current District Champ 45+, Tao Bernardi,
Tobin Ortenblad(Junior),
Emma Myall (Junior), Owen Myall (Junior)