Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Below is a list of all the race winners from this past weekend's super great events in Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Surf City.
Congratulations to all the division winners at those events!
 NCNCA Cyclocross now takes a two week break for the holidays, with
"Peak Season" Cross action kicking into gear the first week of 2012. 
January is sure to bring on epic Cyclocross racing with Nor-Cal's very best events saved for the end of the season, plus USA National Championships & Masters World Championships. 

A Men- Andy Jacques-Maynes- Cal Giant Strawberry
A Women- Karen Brems- Team Rambuski Law
Single Speed- Walton Brush- SF Mash
B Women- Sophia Gomez Villafane- Buy Cell- Ibis
C Women- Michelle Morrill
Junior Women- Emma Myall- Cal Giant Strawberry
Masters Women 35+ - Amy Goldstein- Bicycle Trip Symantec
Masters Women 45+- Teri Reilly
Masters Men 35+- Don Myrah- Ibis/Buy Cell
Masters men 45+- Jon Mundelius- Cal Giant Strawberry
B Men- Tim Reynolds- Kain Performance
Masters Men 35+ B- Karl Haunold
Masters Men 45+ B- Will Hall- Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
Masters Men 55+ John Brown- Family Cycling Center
C Men- Todd Rokala
Junior Men 13 & Under- Jackson Rhodes- Hunter/Freewheel
Junior Men 18& Under- Chance Tiner- S.C. Junior Cycling

A Men- Jakob Magnusek
A Women- Sarah Bamberger
Master Women 35+- Renee Shelton
B Women- Vicky Sama
Single Speed A- Yuri Hauswald
Single Speed B- Phil Fifer
B Men- Alex Brookhouse
Masters Men 35+ A- Ryan Kish
Masters Men 45+ A- John Kammeyer
Masters Men 35+ B- Richard Kirby
Masters Men 45+ B- Rusk Whipps
C Men- Matt Rossi
Junior 10-14- Donovan Birky
Junior 14-18- JJ Kammeyer
Men 55+ Jim Lund
C Women- Caitlin Sheder-Bieschin

A Men- Christopher Jones
A Women- Ellen Sherrill
B Women- Vicky Sama
Masters Women 35+- Linda Elgart
C Women- Julie Barton
Single Speed- Peter Knudsen
Masters Men 35+ A- John Mundelius
Masters Men 45+ A- John Kammeyer
Junior Men A- Robert Terra
B Men- Kevin Tufts
Masters Men 35+ B- Justin Hintz
Masters Men 45+ B- Todd Harris
Masters 55+B Men- Jim Lund
Junior Men B- Thomas Sevey
C Men- Clifton Smoot
Masters C Men 35+- Tony Simoni
Masters B Men 45+- Bryan Nelson
Masters 55+ C Men- William Dunkum III

January Nor-Cal Cyclocross Races-

Jan. 8- Surf City Series
Jan. 15- Central Coast Series
Jan. 22- North/South Challenge Bakersfield
Jan. 29- Surf City Series

January Cyclocross in the NCNCA is going to be really good!

Happy Holidays!