Friday, December 2, 2011

District Championship Course Map

The Toro Park front course is in top shape and the
racing is guaranteed to be epic.
The route is 2.2 miles in length- featuring many long straights, multiple tight turns, grass sections of riding, testing sandy spots, hard packed trails, and a few interesting dismount sections to spice up the action.

Looking at the course profile there is one thing that clearly stands out....
the 29% uphill pitch of the wall run that will be very memorable for
both racers & spectators!

Please be friendly & courteous to all other Toro Park users.  The park Rangers were generous with allowing Cyclocross racing to take place at Toro Park,
so please tread lightly and enjoy the day.

Schedule notes- Masters Women 55+ will start with the Masters Women 45+ group and be scored separately.
Masters Men 65+ will start with the Masters Men 55+ group and be scored separately.
Single Speed Women will start with the final 1:30 start wave.