Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Rain has arrived for Cyclocross season, just in time for a huge weekend of racing with Sacramento Cross on Saturday & CCCX Cross on Sunday.

Of course a few days of moisture flowing from the sky during the week will not have a large impact on the dirt content for this weekends racing.  However, it will settle some of the really loose & dry dirt, and it does have significance that Cyclocross season is truly upon us.

Odds are the upcoming weekend will be sunny.  The Cyclocross courses will most likely be fast and flowing for Nor-Cal racers.  Hopefully there will be less dust in the air kicked up from competitors on course thanks to the mid-week rain.  Best of all there just might be some grippy sections of dirt to really dig into when railing corners and hitting turns in the races at high speeds.

Saturday's Sacramento Cyclocross race will be held at Harry Renfree Field.  It will be fast times at Renfree Field for sure!  The Sacramento Series has made some date switches on their calendar that are worth notice.  The October 22nd race will now be held October 23rd at Condon Park in Grass Valley.  The December 10th event is now rescheduled for December 3rd, the day before the District Cross Championships in Salinas.  The December 3rd Sacramento race will be held at Lange Twins Winery, in Acampo.

Sunday's CCCX Cyclocross race will be held at Manzanita Park in Prunedale.
Manzanita Park is legendary for Cross racing in Nor-Cal, the venue has held multiple NCNCA District Championships over the years.  Race winners on the day are always deserving and top of class!  The Park simply brings the best & strongest riders to the front of affairs when the competition heats up.  If you race well at Manzanita Park you are legitimate in Cyclocross & at the top of your game!

Congratulations to Kathleen Hannon & Jim Hewett on their strong overall wins in Fairfax. 

Check out the NCNCA B.A.R. Road Rankings For 2011.  The Master 35+ 1/2/3 Division Was Won By A Cyclocross Racer!
The top athletes on that list of 325 riders are all incredibly talented cyclists.  It is great to see a Cross racer hit the #1 spot for the 2011 NCNCA Road Point Series.

I always try and share the knowledge that Cyclocross competitions are by far the best way to improve in Cycle Racing of any discipline.  Cross literally touches every aspect of Cycle Racing for a competitor.  If you want to improve on the ROAD, MTB XC, MTB DH, BMX, TRACK, or in Climbing, Descending, Turning, and Sprinting, RACE CROSS!
Cyclocross has shaped the riding styles of the best racers from Nor-Cal over the past 20 years.  Road racers, MTB racers, and Gravity racers who are at the highest level have all benefited from racing Cyclocross.  If your not racing Cross your simply missing out on the best way to improve your cycling in general.
One final tip, always remember to keep it fun!