Monday, November 21, 2011


  Congratulations to the Rapha Focus duo Chris Jones and Julie Krasniak who dominated all comers and made claim to King & Queen of the 2011 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships held at beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco!

Mother nature played a leading role in the action with cold rain and muddy ground staring in what was truly one of the most epic events ever for
Northern California Cyclocross. 
This was equal part crazy party & un-offical
Cyclocross World Championship race. 
In the end making up one whole day of out of control antics and
fun for Nor-Cal Cross racers. 
 For those who were in attendance, this will be remembered and
embraced for a long, long time!

San Francisco showed its true colors on this day, and the rain & mud only
made it more epic!

The costume race was world class!  Full photo coverage can be found here.

If a picture is worth one-thousand words, then the stories that come off from the photos of Golden Gate Park Cyclocross will spill out novel after novel of triumph and spectacle from one amazing day of
Single Speed frolic in San Francisco...

I am sure complete results will be coming soon...

Golden Gate Park hosts round 2 of Cyclocross in the City next Sunday with the Bay Area Super Prestige race.