Friday, November 25, 2011



This Sunday Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is back in action for Cyclocross racing with Tom & Alec Simpson's Bay Area Super Prestige Race! 

This is sure to be some amazing racing as recent rain will have the trails of Golden Gate Park in prime condition for Nor-Cal Cross racers eager for
some true "Winter Style" Cyclocross where the ground is moist and traction can range from perfect to slick at any moment.

Also on Saturday Santa Rosa will be hosting race #1 of the Santa Rosa Cup at Place To Play City Park.

Brain Staby & Carlos Perez have teamed up to treat riders to the great Cyclocross racing that Santa Rosa brings to the table.  The city of Santa Rosa has set the standard very high for Cyclocross racing in it's community.  Many of the city parks have hosted Cyclocross races over the years, even in the worst conditions possible such as heavy rain and high winds. 
Yet the city is fully behind the great fun Cyclocross racing
provides to it's residents and tourists alike. 
The Santa Rosa Cup also hosts its next race on
December 18 at Spring Lake Regional Park.