Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today is one of those magical days for Cyclocross racing in Europe with one of the Queen events of the season taking place, the Koppenbergcross near Oudenaarde, Belgium.

Thousands and thousands of Cyclocross race fans make a pilgrimage to the Koppenbergcross to witness one of the greatest tests of the year.  The Koppenbergcross has some of the biggest crowds ever for a Cross race, and thus the pressure builds for the racers as wild fans demand the very best from the athletes.

The Koppenbergcross has it all, and then some, when it comes to a challenging circuit and prestige for the winner. 
Simply put, the Koppenbergcross is one of the top 5 Cross races of the season, and it all goes down today in Belgium!

Sven Nys is the modern day King of Koppenbergcross.  He is the winner many times over, and leaves no scraps or leftovers for others.  Nys owns the Koppenbergcross, and it will be very interesting to see if he can produce another dramatic victory today, to add to his already record total of Koppenbergcross wins....
Below are Nys's last 3 victory rides at Koppenbergcross. 
Amazing action that is my chosen "Video Feature". 

Bike racing is pure drama with a unwritten script!  You never know what could happen after the start lights are lit.  I am sure today's race in Belgium will be off the charts crazy for dramatic action, and the winner will be utterly deserving. 
I would also be very surprised if the winner is named someone besides Nys, Albert, Stybar, or Pauwels.
But who am I to make predictions....

2010 Edition Below - One of the most brutal editions of the Koppenbergcross  ever.  All you have to do is watch the riders take part in the death march that the Cross race turned into, and look at the time gaps between riders, and you know the day was purely epic.
Check out how big the crowds are!  It is the "Super Bowl" of Cyclocross for the Belgium fans...

2009 Edition Below- One of my favorite races to watch in it's entirety.  So much drama between Nys, Stybar, and Albert.  With the other leading actors playing their supporting roles as well.  Albert gets pinched at the start into the snow fencing and goes to the very back of the group, but makes his way to the front after only 1 & 1/2 laps chase.  Then Nys, Albert & Stybar mark each other and play games between themselves which allows Mourey, Vantornout, Aernouts, and Pauwels to all re-group and make for a thrilling final lap.  In the end Nys throws down an incredible move at the top of the last climb to distance the rest and solo home by a few scant seconds.... Brilliant!

2008 Edition Below- Another brutal edition of the Koppenbergcross due to horrible weather conditions.  Truly amazing stuff to watch Nys rip through the mud, running and riding, to drop Lars Boom and win.  Nys can be the very best when conditions are seemingly the very worst...