Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Must see video below...
5 & 1/2 minutes of good fun from the
DFL Cross-Dressing Cyclocross races.

Cyclocross racing is some of the best viewing cycle sport action, the courses allow for multiple view spots for fans on hand to really grasp how the racing all plays out.  And of course the maximum amount of heckling options to satisfy any Nor-Cal Cross addict!

Throw in some Cross-Dressing freak show riders to the mix and you have San Francisco's DFL underground races which are so much fun.

Plus any time you have the Cookie Monster being interviewed and  giving his take on the racing while doing a suspicious deal for high grade cookie dough, you know Cyclocross season is upon us!

Time to race Cyclocross!
First official event on the calendar is this Saturday at CCCX.
Are you ready to rumble... Cause It's Time!