Wednesday, September 5, 2012



You had better bring you "A" game and top notch skills
if your going to mess with the
Rock Lobster riding duo of Scott Chapin & Aaron Bradford.
Fly or fail against these two champs.

"Kid Kaiser" is no young buck anymore.  California Giant Berry's Cody Kaiser has proven himself to be one of the best and most talented Cyclocross racers in America. 

Over the past few years, anyone who has ever dared to get to the front of affairs in Nor-Cal's Men's Elite division Cyclocross races, would only find themselves staring straight into the face of either a Lobster or Strawberry fueled athlete who is primed and motivated to rip opponents legs off and leave any adversary in the
dust at the first moment possible. 

The Rock Lobster vs. California Giant Berry Farms racing legacy has owned and controlled the highest steps of the podium's in NCNCA regional races as if their riders names were painted on the floor boarding on the top positions.  The 2012 Lobster vs. Strawberry battle for supremacy is set to resume this Saturday at CCCX #1 near Monterey.  It is "Game On" for NCNCA Cyclocross with September hosting the first races of the year.  And it is guaranteed the
Lobster and Strawberry driven riders will be out honing their
craft & finding top form, and taking on all challengers.

Both teams are riding and  racing toward end of season success at USA Cycling National Championships.  The preparation for this goal only starts now in the local/regional races. 

 Round #1 is NCNCA Cross in September... Let the games begin.

Scott Chapin is on a mission to get in his best fighting form and racing fitness in order to deliver key victories in the hard fought
Men's Elite division of NCNCA Cyclocross.

Tobin Ortenbald has made huge gains in his style and skill level over the past two Cross seasons.  His strength and speed are now "World Class" in the Cyclocross game and young Ortenblad is one of the very best riders in America for his age.

Aaron Bradford's focus and commitment to Cyclocross has lead to many huge victories and amazing performances the past few years in NCNCA Cross.  2012 is sure to be more of the same...

 Justin Robinson is a pure warrior when it comes to
Cyclocross battles.
When push comes to shove in crunch time of NCNCA Cross racing, Robinson usually gets the last forceful push against his competitors!  Justin Robinson could be considered the most consistent
Men's Elite racer over the past decade for Nor-Cal Cross,
and he truly is a legend of the game.

 "Top Gun"... Andy Jacques-Maynes had the most dominating season of all Men's Elite riders in Nor-Cal Cross during the 2011 season.  The District Champion for 2011, Jacques Maynes has only lost maybe 2 races locally over the pat 2 seasons, if that! 
His record is amazing and if Andy Jacques-Maynes shows up at
regional races, he is the "Top Gun"!... and only a rider who is at
their very, very best stands a chance against him. 

Lobster sponsored Mark Howland, shown here on the top step of a CCCX podium, will lead the Rock Lobster Masters Men's Team against the very best Masters Team in America- The California Giant Berry Farms Masters Race Team.

Todd Hoefer is just one of the Giant Berry Farms Masters Men's team riders who can sport a National Championship in his resume.  Most of the Giant Berry Farm Masters Men riders have earned multiple National Championship victories, such as Hoefer and
Alan Coats who is in the process of coming back from
knee surgery in the Cyclocross off season.

Gannon Myall reached his best form ever during 2011, earning podium spots at USA Cycling National Championships and Masters World Championships.  Certainly Myall will ride that wave of success during the upcoming 2012 season.

California Giant regional roster:
Gina Hall
Justin Robinson, Gannon Myall, Todd Hoefer, Ana Flores
Henry Kramer, Alan Coats, John Mundelius, Tao Bernardi
Rob Megian(Buckwheat), Eric Bustos, Norm Kreiss,
Joe Ryan, Frank Curesma,
Madeleine Myall, Robbie Farrens, Owen Myall.

Rock Lobster regional roster:
Scott Chapin, Aaron Bradford, Ellen Sherrill, Stella Carey, Aaron Odell, Ben Dodge, Kevin Crossley,Mark Howland, Janel Lodge, Matt Jordan, Kathleen Bortolussi, Natasha Perry.