Friday, September 7, 2012


2012 Fit & Filthy Nor-Cal Cyclocross Season Begins Now With Race #1 CCCX Monterey

Racing is always awesome in the early season action of NCNCA Cyclocross.  So many riders getting into the swing of cycle sport Cyclocross!  Dismounts, sprints, downhill's, turns, climbs, equipment ordeals!  Everything comes into play when the racing begins....
 and the first race is CCCX #1 near Monterey. 
Thanks for keeping it fun!

More information to come on this next week...

The NCNCA has put together a great show of support for the incredible passion and love that Nor-Cal has for Cross racing.
Thus, for 2012 the NCNCA Cyclocross Points Series/BAR is back in action!  The year long ranking system to determine the top riders in the region is alive and kicking for 2012 thanks to the NCNCA.

please view-

Fit & Filthy will be the go to website location for super cool BIG RACE photos and overall point rankings for all divisions in NCNCA Cyclocross.  The NCNCA Cyclocross Points Series truly shows which riders have had the finest 2012 race season regionally.
Fit & Filthy...  enough said!

Please check back next week for more information on the NCNCA Cyclocross Points Series/BAR(Best All-round Rider) competiton.

Enjoy the first race at CCCX #1!
Have Fun & Ride Safe...