Friday, September 14, 2012


2012 Nor-Cal Cyclocross is just getting going, and the going is good as CCCX #2 is main event this Saturday near Monterey.

Cross racing is super serious in Northern California! 
Nor-Cal is by far one of the most competitive regions in America for talent in all fields... Men, Women & Juniors. 
However, most of all Cross racing is serious fun in Nor-Cal!
So much action in the short duration of the competitions.
So many cards to play during the race, tactics and strategy are one of the key ingredients that make Cyclocross racing so epic. 
So much fun when the whistle is blown on the start line and the racing in "Game On"!

Early season Cross racing not only allows racers to develop fitness, strength, bike handling skills, and a competitive edge.  It also provides perfect practice to compile race strategies and winning tactics that come into play each weekend as the season progresses.  Race now, and be rewarded over time from the experiences you gain from the action!

Live life to the fullest!

One special note- 
Sam Ames, the host of the very popular Nor-Cal Vs. So-Cal Showdown in Bakersfield has logged his challenge dates on the books with this fun filled festival of fight between North & South taking place Jan. 19/20 at Hart Park.  Cross racing in Bakersfield is top notch and Sam Ames is a gracious host who thrives on the excitement of the chase and the tease of the tussle.  Nor-Cal has always dominated the top divisions at eh showdown- Elite Men, Masters Men, Elite Women, Masters Women, and Juniors.  When the time comes I very much hope the best from Nor-Cal make the trip to Bakersfield and show So-Cal who is boss of Cross in California.  Ride on...!