Friday, October 5, 2012


Too soon to start looking at the WEATHER CHANNEL ...
Yet, the Winter weather will arrive one day!
The drought will end, and rain will be big news for Cyclocross racers.
For now, the weekend races for
CCCX Series & Sacramento Series will be fast & dry!

Sunday will have the Central Coast Cyclocross Series host their #4 race at California State University at Monterey Bay.  The previous race course at this location was one of the all time classic routes for Nor-Cal Cross.  Sand, and soft-deep dirt, claimed many portions of the route and racers were faced with true epic conditions of Cyclocross.  This Sunday's CCCX race will feature a few loose sections of trail, where Cross skills and bike handling will rule.  However the route will boast a larger amount of hard packed trails and speeds will be much higher through ought. 
The course will contain a few surprises!  
As in the first race at CSUMB, conditions can change as
the racing impacts the grounds. 
Be prepared to be challenged, and be equally prepared to have fun!

The Sacramento Series race #2 takes place at Condon Park in Grass Valley.  Condon Park is the farthest North venue for the Sacramento Series.  The location is a very special place for biking, just as unique as the CSUMB course for the CCCX Series.  It is a beautiful park and a very relaxed setting to host a Cross race.  Nor-Cal is very fortunate to have great locations to compete at,
and race the sport of Cyclocross. 
Condon Park has an outstanding trail network, and is one of the classic Nor-Cal routes where elevation gains come into play for the racers who take part.  There are hills to traverse up, which means there are some great trails coming back down!  The Condon Park location in Grass Valley is big time action packed for racers, with many interesting sections.  Thank you to the Sacramento Series for keeping this location in the rotation of venues year after year!

One reason why Nor-Cal racers are so outstanding in the sport of Cyclocross is because there are so many great courses thrown together by the regional race organizers. 

I highly recommend all riders take time to thank the promoters and their crews who do all the hard labor, use brain power creativity for course design, and stress management tactics in simply pulling the event off from start to finish. 

All venues that hold Cross races take a tremendously high amount of effort and time to plan and process!  Just getting permits and insurance in place for the land owners is a huge task and very time consuming.  Then set-up and clean-up can be equally challenging when compared to pioneering a venue and negotiating land use for a Cross event.  Each aspect of the process a promoter faces is a obstacle that needs to be cleared cleanly,
and all obstacles can be difficult to conquer.
Do take time to give a big "thank you" to the people who put on Cross events. 

Their hard work enables you to play.

Hans Kelner delivers some fo the best Cyclocross POV videos in all of America.  Kelner has a major following of grass roots video aficionados who can't wait until the weekend comes and Kelner can produce another super racing video.  Please take time to view some of his excellent video work, and always remember to check back to Kelner's website for Cross videos as the season rolls on....
You can also scroll through his long history of productions and get an amazing view of Cyclocross in this region over many years. 
Real races... as well as the legendary outlaw races!

Plus the website is cool!