Tuesday, October 16, 2012


For a great collection of all the weekend racing photos please go to NCNCA RACING.

This is a great location on the world wide web to view photo streams and galleries from many different photographers of the awesome Nor-Cal Cyclocross scene.

Yes I just wrote WOO WHO

The NCNCA Cross season is now in full swing, and certain individuals are making some big noise on the race circuit.

Many riders deserve praise, like Edwin Rambuski(Team Rambuski Law) for his fine victory in the Masters 55+ division at CCCX. 
Henry Kramer(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) for showing dedication to improving his bunny hop skills and putting them into action during recent races.  Kramer is a legit bad boy of Nor-Cal Cross... A rider who lives and breathes the sport!

Scott Chapin(Bicycle Blue Book/HRS/Rock Lobster) for being the only rider this season to stay with the undefeated AJM during an entire race and take the issue of who will win to the very final lap at Manzanita Park this past Sunday.

Photo Below- Tim Lydon(SJBC) is a story that clearly deserves some mention.  Lydon made a splash last season in the super competitive Masters 45+ division for NCNCA Cross.  Lydon put together numerous standout rides during the 2011 cross season, and this year things have progressed to the point of Lydon claiming multiple victories.  Lydon is a battler on course who digs extra deep when the sparks fly and tempers are needed to fuel the fight for the finish.  Going into last year not many of the fastest Masters racers had Tim Lydon on their radar of riders to mark and watch.
Now Lydon is very easy to spot, he was the guy standing on the top step of the podium last race, and will most likely be in a similar position as the race season unfolds.

Karen Brems(Team Rambuski Law) scored a big win this past Sunday on a similar track to what will be the 2012 State Championship Cross race.  Brems had been beaten down by Ellen Sherrill(Bicycle Blue Book/HRS/Rock Lobster) & Elle Anderson(Ladies First) during the first races of the season in Nor-Cal Cyclocross.  Yet this past Sunday Brems was on her "A" game, and hit out early and often with attacks on her way to victory.  Brems, who now appears to be on fine form, was the leading lady of Cross for NCNCA during the 2011 season.  

However another challenger to Brems is back in the ring, with the return of Kerry Barnholt-Bonar to race action regionally. 

Barnholt-Bonar has just returned from giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Yet training and cycling with her strong riding husband Aaron Bonar, should certainly allow Barnholt-Bonar to gain back the fighting edge quickly and her sharpness will return fast.  This only means more challengers for Brems and the other Elite Women of Nor-Cal cross.  Having a plethora of fast females on course continues to elevate the competition making all Elite Women come prepared or suffer the consequences.

Photo Below- Carolina Gomez-Villafane(Ibis/Buy-Cell.com) is starting to really show speed on course.  Her victory over the past weekend in the Women's B division was an example of hard work and dedication paying off.  Gomez-Villafane is the sister of last year's Junior State Champion Sophia Gomez-Villafane. 
Now Carolina is the sibling who is starting to show the finest form on course and her smooth and elegant riding style is refreshing to watch when on display.  So much of Cross racing is being smooth under pressure, and handling the obstacles on course with grace and confidence.  Carolina appears to be on the brink of excellence in her group, and will most likely continue to improve as one of the strong riders from Tim Cannard's Ibis/Buy-Cell.com stable.

Photo Below- Team Roaring Mouse's Beverly Chaney has quietly been improving each season over the past 5 years in NCNCA racing.  Chaney often competes at the highest level against Elite Women who are half her age.  Chaney races year round, taking part in MTB, Track, and Road events, besides the great sport of Cyclocross. 
Over the weekend Chaney's hard work and commitment to Cycle Sport paid off with a dominating ride in the Masters Women 35+ field at Manzanita Park.
It is always nice to see riders who work on their craft year after year get rewarded for the hours spent in the saddle pursuing their dreams of racing.  Chaney had a great ride on Sunday, and I am sure more fast finishes are lined up in her competitive future.

Practice makes perfect!  Always take time during the season to practice the unique and special Cyclocross moves that racers are faced with each event.  Starts, dismounts, carrying the bike, running with the bike, getting back on the bike at speed, setting up the finish move for placing...

Cyclocross has so much in play during races, it is very important for athletes to be prepared for all that is faced in each event.

Most of all, through the good and the bad, remember to always try and keep it fun!
And some more incredibly sweet shots from
Tim Westmore....