Thursday, October 11, 2012


Nor-Cal Cyclocross Is "All-In" This Weekend With Two Stellar
USA Cycling Sanctioned Events On Tap.

Saturday's El Dorado Hills 1st Annual Cyclocross event has the making for a instant classic! The course will take place using portions of the El Dorado Hills golf course! Grass will be one of the main features on the par 4 Cross course...
Folsom Bikes has put together a great day for Nor-Cal Cross racers, with a sweet BBQ in store with great food for a small fee. There will be a popular local DJ throwing down some music, and a raffle happening with some awesome goods from Giant Bicycles, as well as other race sponsors.

Sunday's CCCX race at Manzanita Park in Prunedale will be 2012's first look at the venue that will be hosting this seasons NCNCA District Cyclocross Championships. No telling how the weather will be for the
District Championship race late in the season? 
This Sunday there is sunshine called for the forecast, and the recent rain is going to make the dirt just right for fun riding. The downpour over the past two days will make for grip in the dirt translating to speed in the turns. 
It is going to be good!


Manzanita Park has one of the longest legacy's for Cross race venues in Nor-Cal. Manzanita Park has hosted three NCNCA/USA Cycling State Championship races over the past 12 years.
For the version being used this Sunday, there is a goal of using extra grass portions of the park, to take advantage of the grass riding that is on offer. The course will use most of the same sections as previous years,
but there will be a slightly different feel to the route on Sunday. 
Surprises will be in store for all who race!

The first round of points have been tallied for the NCNCA CX BAR competition.

The NCNCA Cyclocross Best All-round Rider(BAR) competition is a season long points series chase. Individual rider results from all NCNCA Cross races are compiled into points, which are totaled every few weeks, and a year long ranking system is established. At the end of the race season division champions will be crowned.

The NCNCA Road version of this BAR points series has a long history. Each year the very best riders of that particular season rise to the top of the scoring and their great overall results are registered in history.

Here is a results sheet of NCNCA ROAD BAR from 2011.

The riders who make the top positions on these lists are the very best of class, most consistent, and most active during the race season.
To be ranked high there is no chance involved! 
It takes dedication, desire, and determination,
 to succeed in the NCNCA BAR Competitions!

To gain a high rank racers must place well often, compete often, and remain active and healthy during the race season.
In the end, the very best riders are rewarded for their racing by rank position and being logged down in the long history of NCNCA racing. Over the many years, the top finishers are legends of racing! The very best of class! 
These riders truly deserve to be respected and applauded for their
constant high finishes and dedication to Cycle Sport.

For the 2012/13 Cyclocross season the NCNCA CX BAR is in effect! 
Scoring will take place at every race. The very best Cross racers will rise to the top of the rankings, and just making a high position in the final total is super worthy of praise and admiration!
Who will make the top positions in class for 2012 Cross? Let the racing decide...

Ride on... and RACE CYCLOCROSS!