Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Great to see Northern California Cyclocross racers venture down South and claim 3 places in the top 10 of the Men's Elite race- a UCI C2 status event part of the So-Cal Cyclocross Series.

Bicycle Blue Book/HRS/Rock Lobster sponsored racers Aaron Bradford &
Scott Chapin finished 10th and 7th place on Saturday near Los Angeles.

However it was young gun Tobin Ortenblad(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) who shined brightest with a victory in the U23 race and 3rd overall in Men's Elite!

San Francisco's Elle Anderson(Ladies First Racing) also played a
 leading role in the racing down South. 
Anderson has proved to be one of the very best Women racer's in
America this year.  She was on the podium for the Elite Women,
3rd overall in Pomona at Spooky Cross!

Tobin Ortenblad is constantly showing himself to be the real deal for American Cyclocross.  Ortenblad follows in the footsteps of the many great Junior riders from Nor-Cal who have grooved their skill and honed their strength cutting their teeth at regional Cross races in Northern California.  Fun & extremely competitive local races turn out National talent, it is a simple equation!

High winds on Sunday made for great action at the BASP race at Candlestick Park.  Deep & dusty sand was not the only obstacle for racers! 
You know it is all in for the wind when the Candlestick park Sea Gull's are getting tossed around in the air as they fly like moths in a cyclone.  Mother nature always reeks havoc during Cross season, and the winds of change can at times lead to drama on course as was evident from BASP Candlestick 2012 version #2.

Style is important for Cyclocross! 
Not just a riding style, or style over the boards when you bunny hop...
Kit style is key to speed if you dare to race in cycle gear like the one featured in the photo below.
Very impressive I must say!
Gets my nod for one of the best looks on course when fighting for a high placing.

Photo below- Ticking time bomb...
BASP is known for $1 craziness.  If your not grabbing bills as you race, you are actually penalized a few seconds each lap from the chip timing system that is in place.  They have mini helicopter patrol above making sure that all riders are either taking beer feeds, or going for dollar bills when offered. 

One of the darn right coolest kits this year for Nor-Cal Cross has to be the one featured in the photo below...
Any race attire with the Lion of Flanders flag spread across the chest area in
huge size simply rocks!

Masters main man of the moment has to be
Justin Robinson(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized)- pictured below.

Robinson has won his last 2 Masters 35+ A races- CCCX & BASP- both huge victories over groups that were loaded with talent.  Robinson is in a pattern of following up the Masters racing, with battling on in the Elite men's races later in the day.  Doubling up Robinson is earning podiums in those Elite races as well. 

 A true hard-man bicycle racer, Justin Robinson is a Nor-cal legend who appears to be very dedicated this season.  If Robinson can remain healthy his goal of another Masters National Championship for Cyclocross
will be very much within his reach...

Carolina Gomez-Villafane(Ibis/Buy-Cell.com) is another Nor-Cal racer who is on a roll!  Gomez-Villafane has just ripped off back to back race wins in the Women's "B" group, and is showing promise that maybe she can make that huge jump to Women's Elite racing.  The Northern California Elite Women are out of control quick, so Villafante will need to really up her game to get on the podium in that group.  But for best up & comer during the 2012 Cross season... the award has to go to Gomez-Villafane so far.
Photo below-  Carolina Gomez-Villafane already starts the trash talking as the "B" Women wait for call-ups.  Intimidation is part of her game and she uses her power of persuasion whenever fear is evident from her competitors...
Rumor has it that both Calletti & Ibis brands were seriously close to UFC Cyclocross as the trash talk heated up even hotter on the front row. 

 Gigantic weekend of Cyclocross awaits Nor-Cal, as the Surf City Series Halloween Extravaganza leads the way..
The Surf City Halloween race has major tradition for pure thrills & fun for all racing Cross in classy costumes or serious cycling kit.

The Santa Rosa Cup #1 will go off at A PLACE TO PLAY PARK in Santa Rosa. 
This location is a fine spot for a Cyclocross throw down. 
The course will be quality from start to finish and will kick off the weekend racing to close out the month of October.
Wow, time flies when your having fun...
The 2012 Cross season is now in the thick of it!  The racing is heating up as temperatures cool down and rain begins to arrive.
Soon there will be mud??

The Fresno Homegrown Series & The Sagebrush Series will also be hosting very fun events this coming weekend.  If your not racing Cyclocross, you are missing out on some of the best fun to be had on two wheels. 
As well as a chance to test yourself against some of the best fields of racers America has to offer.