Friday, October 26, 2012


Nor-Cal Cyclocross Racing in October Closes With Awesome Racing In All Corners Of NCNCA Region..
Saturday- Santa Rosa Cup #1 & Sagebrush Series
Sunday- Surf City Series Halloween Extravaganza & Homegrown Series

Happy Halloween!

Do not let the Holiday themed racing fool you... Cross racing is full speed this time of year!  Halloween Cyclocross is the time of season when riders are finding their sharpest form and dirt conditions are just becoming prime for premier Cross action. 

The Santa Rosa Cup #1 kicks off the racing weekend Saturday at A Place To Play Park in Santa Rosa.  Brian Staby & Carlos Perez- plus team, are sure to throw out a great day of Cyclocross for all.  Staby promises a fast race route where speed is gathered from power to the pedals.  The elevation changes of the course are not extreme by any manner, so riders need to have leg speed and strength to gain advantage over competitors.  Food, beer, cash prizes, and of course lots of fun awaits...  Santa Rosa Cup is going to be good!

Reno's Sagebrush Series has a double day session of racing planned for their group, with both Saturday & Sunday races going off!
Saturday's event takes place at Clayton Middle School & Sunday's action will be at Indian Hills Park in Carson City.

Sunday is one of the BIG days of Cross racing for Nor-Cal with the greatest Halloween costume Cross race in America taking place at the Surf City Series.  This Halloween day of thrills, spills, chills, and hills takes place at the always fun & challenging Aptos High School course.  Over the years the Surf City Halloween extravaganza has developed into a true classic day of big time fun and Cyclocross shenanigans that cant be missed.  The Halloween costume race is crazy stuff and shows the great spirit Nor-Cal has for Cyclocross racing & keeping it all fun.
This is an event not to be missed!

The Surf City Halloween costume race is wild...
Get creative and get on board for coming up with some kind of original & super sick Halloween outfit to throw on for the fun costume ride.

Host Mary Perez has challenged all to do their very best in keeping this event the biggest and most rad Cross costume race in America.
All other regions of the USA look to Surf City for Halloween Cyclocross.. 

Fresno's Homegrown Series race #1 takes place at Woodward Park on Sunday.  Woodward Park is such a excellent place to race Cross.  The fans do a great job of cheering the action & the racers do a great job of giving the fans something cheer about!