Friday, October 15, 2010


The Bay Area is on for Cyclocross this weekend!  The Lion of Fairfax one day classic event starts the racing on Saturday.  Then the "Big Show" of Nor-Cal Cross racing explodes into life as the B.A.S.P. Series Race #1 fires off Sunday at Merrit College.

Tom & Alec Simpson, the masterminds to the Bay Area Super Prestige Series, will be revealing their new venue to Northern California Cross racers at the beautiful campus of Merritt College, certainly it will not disappoint.  Any first year venue has the potential to be rough and need it's kinks worked out by the racers, but by the end of the day Cyclocross will be forever linked to the Merritt College history books.

The BASP Series will have all their bells and whistles in play.  This makes for a exciting day of fast paced Cyclocross racing.  Strap on your helmet and get ready to ride!  However be extra ready to follow the rules set in place to keep things somewhat non chaotic.  Tom Simpson asked me to remind everyone to NOT practice the course while other races are in progress.  Also, be ready to support the college with a small parking fee.  Chip timing will be used, so allow a little bit of extra time at registration to get dialed in for electronic-supersonic timing.  Plus there will be two neutral pits, the Ritchey Neutral Wheel Pit & the Sram Neutral Support Team. 

Race #2 of the BASP Series will feature their new Fly Over Bridge, which is guaranteed to be a crowd favorite.  I tracked down some spy photos of the beautiful steel and aluminium contraption that will no doubt elevate Cross racing for the BASP Series, both figuratively and literally.  This addition to the BASP will not be in play until race #2.

The Bay Area Super Prestige Series is the king of Cross for Nor-Cal!  It holds all the cards in producing the largest race fields in California, while still trying to maintain a fun environment under a quality production theme.  Congratulations to Tom & Alec Simpson on the great success their event has achieved since it's inception in 2002.

The Lion of Fairfax Classic will kick start the weekend at White Hill Middle School on Saturday.  This event is part of the Biketoberfest Marin 2010 and is also a fundraiser for White Hill Middle School in Fairfax.  Biketoberfest 2010 is a huge Beer & Food festival centered around the Bicycle, what a great combination!  There is also a bike expo and live music, which is certain to keep the party rolling along all day, and into the night.  The Cyclocross race is looped onto a technical circuit and racing will be full on when the gun sounds. 

Ride Safe & have Fun!