Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Nor-Cal racer Katie DeClerc(Giro/Easton/Swobo), who is quite possibly related to UCI World Cyclocross Champion Mario DeClerc, is seen in this clip riding to a huge win.  In this video you can hear the UCI announcers from Belgium go over her UCI victory.

Sven Nys is with out a doubt one of the best technical handlers of the Cyclocross machine.  Nys always seems to find ways to ride sections of course that other World Cup racers can not handle.  Nys really shines in the sand, and watching him rip across the beach-like portions of course is good video.  In this video Nys gaps the lead pack in the final portions of the lap, through the sand, on his way to victory in the Neerpelt 2010.

It might seem like summer now, but foul weather is sure to arrive, and that is when the race fields should be huge, riders should challenge themselves to compete in the worst conditions possible, and the traditional Cyclocross experience comes to life!