Friday, October 29, 2010


The Surf City Cyclocross Series fires into action this Sunday with it's famous Halloween Cross event, "Witch" over time has grown into one of the best Costume Races & Halloween themed Cross parties in America!

Ciclista Bonita has made huge contributions to the planned activities.  You know if Miss Mary & the fine females of Ciclista Bonita are involved, it is sure to be a great, fun filled time for all who attend.

The Halloween event is spooktacular, and you might see Witches, Gremlins, and Freaks of all kinds racing their Cyclocross bikes this October 31st at Harbor High for the Surf City Series.

The nationally famous and world renowned "Costume Race" makes for classic fun and shows how Northern California is not only serious about racing Cyclocross, but Nor-Cal is also very serious about having fun with Cyclocross when the time is right.  The Halloween event with Ciclista Bonita and the Surf City Series is the right time to race hard and have some serious fun! 

I am sure Mike Evans and crew will put together a fun & challenging course.  Next, it is up to the NCNCA Cryclocross racers to get creative and come up with some very wild and zany costumes.  It seems each year the level of entertaining, innovative, and idea-centric Cyclocross costume racing raises to higher and higher levels.  I look forward to seeing what goes down this year for the Surf City Halloween Cyclocross event.  The fun loving members of the Nor-Cal Cyclocross peloton are guaranteed to not disappoint when it comes to Cyclocross mixed with a shot of Halloween!

Instructors include
                                 Sheila Moon, Sheila Moon Athletic Apparel
                                      Aaron Bradford,
                                       Ben Dodge, Rock Lobster CX Team
                                          Abe Rostein, Freewheel Hunter