Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Paul Doran is featured now on the NCNCA CYCLOCROSS PHOTO PAGE.
Please have a look at Doran's select photos there...
NCNCA Cross racers are very fortunate to have Doran make his appearances at different events.
Doran has a knack for capturing select moments in time where racer is locked in focus and seemingly engaged in a trance like state of mind as they battle on during the race.
Speaking with Paul Doran personally, he has shared his appreciation of Cyclocross racing and the on course action, passion, and drama the sport brings out from it's riders that he attempts to film.
Doran has done most of his work over the past few years at Road events on the NCNCA Calendar.  However, now he is making a effort to hit selected races during the winter and take in some of the sights and images that Cyclocross racing can deliver.
This version of the NCNCA CYCLOCROSS PHOTO PAGE is Paul Doran's work from the Toro Park CCCX event.
Plus the BASP Series event at Merritt College in Oakland.
Northern California takes their Cyclocross very seriously, and you can clearly see the commitment and effort from the riders in Doran's photos.
The images that all the photographers from Nor-Cal get from Cyclocross racing is only going to get better as the rain and adverse conditions come into play during the races!
Hopefully Paul Doran, and the other outstanding photographers from this region, will brave the bad conditions just as the racers do, and get the best photos of the Cross racing season.  The best and most epic photos truly appear when the conditions are the hardest and adverse weather makes the racing brutal, yet most rewarding for Northern California's dedicated Cyclocross racers.