Friday, October 28, 2011


Halloween Theme Cyclocross Racing & Festivities Take Center Stage For NCNCA With
At Aptos High School On Sunday.

 Fresno's Homegrown Series Kicks Into Gear
With Races Saturday Night & Sunday.
The Classic "Lou Festival" Night Race Is The Feature Event For Fresno's Two Days Of Cyclocross Celebration.

Let The Partying Begin!

The Surf City Series has trademarked and claimed a patent on Halloween Cyclocross.  They own one of the very best events on the Cross calender with the always fun and freaky Halloween Cyclocross extravaganza.  This year's version will be held at Aptos High School and is sure to be a instant classic.
Aptos High School brings out the very best in Cross craziness! 

The "Lou Fest" Night Cyclocross race in Fresno at Woodward Park is one of the best night races in America.  Lights, camera, action!  The racing is truly epic as lights are mandatory- as are the good times!  Fun is a must, in what is part race & part full on party!  Sick promotions invites you to come to race hard, and enjoy the lights in motion, because the "Lou Fest" night race is legendary.

Halloween Cyclocrss racing in Nor-Cal is a time to rejoice and recharge your batteries.  The first 1/3 of the Cross season is done and now the racing gets down right serious leading to the NCNCA District Championships on Dec. 4 at Toro Park.  There is also the Single Speed World Cyclocross Championships in San Francisco. on Nov. 20.  The Santa Rosa Cup fires up on Nov. 26.

But for this Halloween weekend it is time to race and party!

The Surf City costume race is by far one of the highlights to the Northern California Cyclocross race season.  Aptos High School has hosted this event in the past and it really brings out the best in creative costumes and wild themed racers dressed in scant and scandalous clothing. 

 Pure Fun!

2011 NCNCA Cyclocross race season is passing by so quickly, with the best action still on the horizon.  November, December, and January bring mud and slop conditions to Nor-Cal.  This makes the racing have quite a different style then early season dry dirt Cross in Nor-Cal. 

The Halloween theme Cross races are a turning point in the season, and I highly recommend you get out and race & have fun in the warm sun this weekend.  The true winter racing is nearly upon us, but for now it is party time in the Sunshine. 
So get your costume dialed in and go crazy!

Ride Safe & Have Fun!

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