Thursday, October 20, 2011


It is "Game On" for Nor-Cal Cyclocross racing this weekend with the CCCX Series at Toro Park Saturday.  Then on Sunday, the first race of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross at CandleStick Point in San Francisco.  Also on Sunday is the Sacramento Series at Condon Park in Grass Valley, and the Fresno Homegrown Series at Woodward Park. 
Let the games begin!

Cool video below of the racing at Candlestick Point from year 2008.  The return to CandleStick Point is going to be great!  The course might be dry, a little dusty in some spots, and a little rugged and rough in others.  Yet the racing at CandleStick Point will be awesome.

Certainly, Tom & Alec Simpson and crew will do their very best to dial in the race course at CandleStick Point.  Good times will be free flowing during the day, as the BASP races bring out so many racers that fun and frolic is the name of the game.  Yet the BASP races are the highest level of competition in all of California.  Be prepared for huge fields and elbow to elbow racing throughout.  Enjoy the tight action, because the BASP races are all about big time Cross racing with a back drop of the Bay Area.  They have very solid cash payouts, they bring in announcing and music to highlight racing and podium presentations.  They are so popular that pre-registration is now key to getting a spot on the start grid and a guaranteed race number.  The Bay Area Super Prestige is awesome Cyclocross racing and this Sunday the home of the San Francisco 49ers, and the beautiful S.F. bay shores will be the scenery that riders will admire when charging full speed on course.  Good luck to all, and always remember to enjoy the tight racing & keep it fun!

The rest of the racing action this weekend features outstanding courses for all events.  Saturday's CCCX Series race is held at Toro Park near Salinas.  This park is a cycling destination for locals, as well as out of town visitors.  Toro Park has miles of fun trails to ride or hike, and the park itself is very beautiful.  The Cross course which will be used on Saturday is a true jewel for Nor-Cal Cyclocross and boasts some of the best single lane trails of the season.  The riding is fun and the slight elevation changes really can be selective.

Sacramento's race at Condon Park in Grass Valley is a keeper for sure!  The course is nestled in the middle of a beautiful forest section of the city, and the park is full of outstanding trails and paths.  The course has distinct elevation changes with climbs and descents that always keep the racers on edge and at their limit.  The Condon Park course is very good racing!  If your near Grass valley on Sunday, this is a must do race!

The Fresno Homegrown Series is held at Woodward Park, which is also the home the the famous "Lou Festival Night Race".  Woodward Park has a long history of Cyclocross racing.  Before they had a plethora of MTB jumps and a BMX track, they had Cyclocross racing in full effect.  Woodward park is a terrific cycling destination and the folks in Fresno are always ready for a bike race.  If your in the Central Valley on Sunday, put on your helmet and go race Cross at Woodward Park, you will not be disappointed!