Monday, October 17, 2011


Manzanita Park delivered thrilling war on course between past Masters National Cyclocross Champions Alan Coats, Justin Robinson, Don Myrah, and Todd Hoefer this past Sunday.  Please read previous post below for re-cap of the turf tussle in Prunedale. 
Nor-Cal has the very best Masters racers in America, this is a fact!

National Champion Alan Coats(Cal. Giant Inc/Specialized) delivered a knockout move in the toughest portion of track to score a victory in this week's round of Masters pride fighting.

National Champion Justin Robinson(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) and National Champion Don Myrah(Ibis/ locked horns in a beautiful display of ballet on the bicycle super slug-fest on Sunday in Prunedale. 
In the end Robinson strong armed his way past Myrah to claim 2nd spot on the podium behind his high flying team mate Coats, with Myrah in 3rd.

National Champion Don Myrah will not be denied, and his form will only improve as the best riders from the Cal. Giant Inc. Masters tag team him at the front of affairs.   Myrah loves this challenge and knows the only way to be the very best, is to race the very best each weekend. 

National Champion Todd Hoefer(Cal. Giant Inc./Specialized) was 4th at the Masters brawl of Manzanita Park on Sunday.  Hoefer is guaranteed to increase his form and power during the season and is known as a "big race" rider who can hit out when the going gets extra tough.