Thursday, October 6, 2011


October brings on true signs that the Cyclocorss race season is upon us completely.  Rain, wind, a chill in the air, soft dirt conditions to cycle on, all show that Cross is the name of the game for cycle racing the rest of the year.  This weekend will be "Game On" for racing with Cross events at the Sacramento Series and The CCCX Series.
The CCCX Series will be at Manzanita Park in Prunedale, a standout venue for Cyclocross over the past 15 years in Nor-Cal.
The photos below are from last years Manzanita Park race that turned out to be a legendary event for epic conditions that made for one memorable day of racing.  Constant rains and high winds set the stage for what appeared to be a bomb going off for competitors on course.  Mud, mayhem, and masochism, all came to the forefront on the most brutal weather day of racing Manzanita park has ever witnessed over the past 15 years.  Too bad this weekend will be sunny!  Yet rain during this week is sure to make the dirt top notch for speed and receptive to tire traction in the turns!

For CCCX #3 in Prunedale on Sunday, there is one special note:  Family Cycling Center is hosting a "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day".  This free event will be held on some fun riding trails at Manzanita Park while the Cross races are rolling along in another area.  The "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day" is free to all kids who attend, and starts at 10:00 a.m.  Please call Bob Barwick at Family Cycling Center at 831-475-3883 to reserve a space in the activities.  This free event has a limited number of openings for kids, and Family Cycling Center is sure to have many goodies and gifts in store for those who partake, so do call asap to reserve a spot. 

Another note on the CCCX Cyclocross races- each race the CCCX Series hands out $540 in cash to the racers in the Elite Men's, Elite Women's, Master 35+ Cat. 1/2/3/4 Men's, and Master 45+ Cat. 1/2/3/4 Men's divisions.  Over the 8 race series this adds up to $4,320 being paid out to the top riders in those divisions.  The CCCX Series is not about racing for money, and it is about keeping it fun!  But $4,320 in cold hard cash being paid out during the CCCX series to the athletes is very commendable indeed.  The CCCX Series also pays out equal cash pursues each race to the Elite Men & Elite Women.

The Sacramento Series will be hosting their race at Harry Renfree Field.  Last years event at Harry Renfree Field proved to be a testing course with not much elevation gain per lap, but fun riding and challenging.  Sacramento also pays out some cash to the Men's "A" & Women's "A" racers.  Each race it appears they pay a total of $175 to the "A" Men and $150 to the "A" Women. This is based on a 10 rider field limit.  For "A" fields with less then 10 riders the payout is based on a percentage of entries for the day.  The Sacramento Series also has a cool $5 bonus plan added to the payout for each race a rider attends during the season.

It is very impressive to see the Sacramento Series and the CCCX Series pay cash to the top class racers, both male and female.  This in turn keeps the competition very serious on course in the highest divisions. Plus helps some of the starving bike racers who make the top spots on the day put gas in their car on the way home from the race...

October also means the start of the Fresno Homegrown Cyclocross Series at Woodward Park.  The first Bay Area Super Prestige race at Candlestick Point.  Fresno's awesome "Lou" Night Cyclocross race.  The Santa Rosa Cup Series kicking into gear.  And the always popular and extra fun Surf City Halloween Cyclocross extravaganza.  Yes October means Cyclocross season is now!